5 Ways to Change Up Your Style

April 2, 2014 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style

Everyone gets bored with their personal style from time to time and when this happens, you want to do a few things to switch it up. There are quick and easy ways to change up your style on a budget. You can change a single thing for a more subtle change or do a few different things for a whole new you.

change up your style

1. Change Your Lipstick Shade

If you normally wear light or nude colors, try a vibrant red lip to add some major depth to your look. If you normally wear a dark lip, try a nude or a pale coral color to lighten your look. Both red and nude lip colors will fit with just about any outfit and any clothing colors. Whether you are going to work or heading out on the town, a change in lip color can boost your confidence and make you more noticeable.

2. Switch up Your Accessories

Personal style is all about the details and this is where accessories come in. Add a scarf to your favorite outfit to make it new. You can wear the scarf around your neck or use it in place of a belt for a more unique change. Adding a few new pieces of jewelry can also make a big difference. You do not have to drop a lot of cash on jewelry either. Costume jewelry can make a big statement without busting your budget.

3. Get Yourself a New Hairstyle

A new hairstyle can completely reinvent your look. You can choose to switch up of the style or you can go all out and change the color too. There are so many different hairstyles trending right now, you are sure to find one that fits you perfectly. It is a good idea to have your hair professionally done because you want to make sure that the style and color turn out as you want them to. If you are a bit shy about change, try changing your hair color just one shade and getting a trim. This will make a difference without being too drastic.

4. Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Look around and find a piece of clothing that is not your norm, but still something that you like. This brings you out of your comfort zone and allows you to try something new and exciting without a major commitment. This is just an outfit and you can change into something else at any time, so use this as a way to change things up without the change being permanent.

5. Switch from Glasses to Contacts

Ditching your glasses and getting contacts is an easy way to change your look drastically and it may make you more comfortable. Contacts can be used in place of glasses for most vision problems even when you wear bifocals. There are bifocal contacts, like Acuvue bifocal, contacts that work just like your old glasses will.

Changing your style from time to time is an easy way to keep things fresh and new. This can perk you up and motivate you to change other things in your life that are in a slump, helping to you feel happier and more confident.

How to Survive Bikini Season

April 1, 2014 • by jhoice • in Fashion Swimwear

Beware: bikini season is upon us. And if you’re like most women, then that means you’re about to go on one of the most grueling quests of the year. You’re going to try and find the perfect bikini. While the mere thought may make you curse the people who invented the stupid things, the truth is that buying a bikini doesn’t have to be traumatic. In fact, with a little help, it can be a positive experience.

 photo bikini_season_zps22ba6809.jpg

Steps to Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body

First, you need to figure out your body type. The way you are naturally shaped will determine what type of bikini you should purchase. Unsure of what body type you are? No worries—it’s easy to find out. Begin by measuring your waist, hips, and chest. Write these numbers down and compare using the following guidelines:

Bikinis for Pear Shaped Girls

 photo pear_zpsd1c2f4c1.jpg

If you’re a pear shape, then you really want something to balance out your look by drawing eyes to your upper half. Triangle tops are great for showing off your slimmer top half. Balcony bikinis are an option as well. You also may want to go for a bolder print up top. As for the bottoms, boy shorts or hipsters will work best for you.

Bikinis for Apple Shaped Girls

 photo apple_zpsde7be66d.jpg

Should you carry your extra weight around the middle, then you might want to think one piece. A one piece will flatten that tummy and accentuate your bust. Speaking of bust, if you’re like most apple shaped girls, you aren’t lacking in that department. So go underwire! Also, skip the shorts and think sarong to add a little glamour. And finally, don’t even consider horizontal stripes.

Bikinis for Straight Shaped Girls

First you’ve got to decide if you want to try and look a little more curvy or if you want to go skimpy and embrace your straight figure. If you choose the former, you may want to try ruffles or gathering. Padding up top could help as well. If you opt for the latter, go string bikini all the way.  You can pull it off!

Bikinis for Hour Glass Shaped Girls

 photo hour_glass_zps223fbb9b.jpg

Hourglass figure? Lucky you—you’ll likely have the easiest time finding a bikini. That’s because nearly all types of bikinis look good on your figure. However, I recommend going with a halter top bikini that will really make those curves pop (in a good way!). Do keep in mind as you shop that you don’t want a bikini that will squish your busty look, but you also want things held firmly in place. 

Tips to Feel Better When Shopping for a Bikini

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that knowing your body type is enough to make you feel sexy and confident in your bikini. However, there are a few other things you can do to make sure you feel confident as you try on, find, and rock that new bathing suit.

Buy a High Quality Bathing Suit

Finally, make sure to get a high quality bikini. Buying a cheaply made one may feel better on your pocket book, but you can rest assured that it will likely:

Remember, high quality doesn’t have to mean high dollar. You can save money by using a sight like GreatDeals.com.

Don’t Fret

Whether you like it or not, the season is upon us. Put your chin up, prepare yourself, and go get sexy!

Samantha Sellers is a retail store manager for a small boutique. She has been in retail for a decade and really knows how to help customers find styles that complement their bodies. 

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