Carrying Your Supplies

April 25, 2014 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style

Have you ever purchased a duffle bag that is made of cloth, thinking that it would hold all of your sports equipment or other supplies, only to find that it ripped or deteriorated after a short time? A stylish and sturdy leather duffel bag is an option if you are looking for something to last a little longer. These bags come in various colors, although most are brown or black. There are also different sizes depending on why you need the bag.

When looking for a leather duffel bag, you want to find one that has plenty of room. These bags might not give as much as one that is cloth, but they often last much longer. Leather bags are ideal for taking to the office because you can store files and books in them. The handles on the bag are sturdy, allowing you to carry the bag and all of your other items without fearing the bag will break. If you work in an environment where you are constantly needing to store items in a bag, then this would be the perfect solution. This kind of bag is also easy to wipe off if something happens to get on the surface.

Comfort Meets Style: 6 Must Have Interview Items

April 15, 2014 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style

You’ve prepped your resume, practiced possible questions, and even carefully mapped out directions to the interview. What could be missing? Your style perhaps? Far too many people overlook the necessary fashion obligations of an interview. To give you the best chance of success, you need to be sure that everything from head to toe is perfectly planned.

must have for interview

1 – Sharp jacket
It wasn’t too long ago that the only acceptable attire to an interview was a freshly pressed suit; anything less would have shown disrespect. However, today many careers don’t require such stiff attire. Dressing too formal or too casual sends the wrong message. For instance, jobs more on the creative side, such as graphic design, or entry-level positions don’t call for uptight outfits. As long as you are wearing a sharp blazer, you should be okay. Whatever you do, never wear jeans to an interview, no matter how awesome your jacket is.

2 – Perfect bag
Almost nothing can turn off a prospective employer faster than a old tattered messenger bag. If an appropriate briefcase or satchel isn’t in your closet, beg or borrow one (please don’t steal). You can also consider simply leaving your bag in the car; just bring in a folder with your resume and other documents.

3 – The right socks
Sadly, socks are frequently overlooked when dressing for an interview. Most people simply slap on whatever pair was at the top of the drawer. However, poorly chosen socks can lead to a day of discomfort when you need to present yourself as both cool and confident. Compression socks are a great choice; they won’t fall down, the constant pressure will relax you, and they come in very professional looking styles.

4 – Great hair
Before an interview, make sure to spend a few extra minutes ensuring that every hair is in the perfect place. The extra effort will show in both your image and confidence. It will also tell the potential employer that you recognize the need for professionalism. When styling, make sure that your hair is neither too boring nor too radical; you want to be remembered for your resume and not your looks.

5 – Carefully chosen shoes
Sure, some shoes are make for walking’, but others are made for impressing, flirting, or even drawing attention. It’s important to make sure that the shoes carrying you to the interview are sending the right message. It’s generally recommended that women wear at least a short heel; too high of a heel doesn’t look professional and ballet flats look too casual. Without exception, men must always wear dress shoes.

6 – Accessories
Men and women need to carefully plan accessories; a watch, a tie, a necklace, and so on. The accessories should complement the outfit and fit the industry you’re trying to get into. Accessories are also a great way to add color or personality to a black or gray outfit.

Once you have your whole look chosen, get the opinion of a friend (preferably one in the same field you’re applying). Check everything carefully for stains, tears, or flaws. Once you’re finished, you can go to the interview confident that you’re dressed appropriately and comfortably.

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