Neck Wear that Bends the Rules

November 13, 2014 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style

That important job interview, a big client meeting, the formal blind date; each of these situations requires you to look smart, make an impression and feel confident. So how can you do this without going over the top with your look?

Whilst you’ve been lead to believe that a smart black tie is the basis for all formal wear accessories, times have changed. More and more people have come round to the idea of breaking from tradition and opting for something more befitting of their personality. You can achieve this with something as simple as a polka dot neck tie.

polka dots neck tie

From a bold, coloured bow tie to an eye catching polka dot style, there are endless options available when it comes to working a striking neck wear accessory. DQT believes that individual style is of great importance and therefore offers a wide variety of designs and colours, for any situation or look you are trying to achieve.

You could take inspiration from some popular TV and movie characters. For example, the 11th Doctor Who looked twee but quirky with his unusual bow tie (don’t worry, you can leave the fez out) or you could try out a bold look like Jim Carey in The Mask, with a striking black and white, polka dot ties.

Polka dots also lend themselves to a vintage look, reminiscent of the 1950s when clothing became louder in colour and pushed the limits with style. You could try your hand at embodying this vintage feel with this simple accessory, whilst maintaining professionalism with a sharp suit and shoes. Finish off with some bright trouser braces, to complete the look.

When it comes to creating a look to complement your individual style, choose a fashion accessory that feels right – push the boundaries with your guise and you’ll make a strong impression on those that matter.

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Best Shopping Sites in Australia

September 29, 2014 • by jhoice • in Shopping

Australia continues to attract people from all walks of life due to a number of interesting and beautiful things that it has to offer which ranges from its magnificent cities to its unique wildlife and stunning beaches as well as its welcoming people amongst other numerous things that will not only offer you an exciting gate away moment during your visit to this Australia but also quite a memorable time once you set your foot in this country. While in Australia you can never miss to see some captivating scenery and glamorous events but another thing that you can be sure of is the satisfying shopping experience that this country has to offer both to the locals and to any traveller and visitors alike. Actually the moment you secure an Australian visa, the first opportunity will be to visit some very magnificent shopping centres that will literally offer every opportunity to shop till you drop. This country is characterized with numerous and incredible shopping locations, magnificent one stop shops and malls as well as extensive shopping outlets that will give any passionate shopper every convenient opportunity to find whatever they desire and whatever they can think of Generally, while in this country you will find some of the best shopping sites in Australia that comprises of places such as;

best shoppinh sites in australia

1. Chad stone Shopping center: Situated in Melbourne, this mall is considered the largest shopping site in this city as it boast of up to about 530 retail outlets in an area of about 190,000 sq. m. Opened in the year 1960 this mall has stood the test of times with its sheer size making not only astounding but also satisfying.ln this mall you will find almost everything and anything that you would want to think of with the latest of the brands being the European fashion retailer Zara. Other stores that are situated here are the Woolworths, Coles David Jones, Dick Smith, Myer, Apple Inc., and JB Hi-Fi

2. Australian Fair: This is a multi-level shopping center that is situated in the heart of the Gold coast and is home to almost 230 specialty shops together with a number of key departmental stores such as Best and Less, Kmart and a number of supermarket chains such as the Woolworths and the Coles. There also exist Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas, the Trader Dukes Tavern as well as a wide array of restaurants together with a lot of trendy cafes.

3. The Queen Street mall: Situated in the city of Brisbane, this mall will meet all you shopping desires. It is in this location that you will find a number of shopping centres such as Brisbane Arcade and the Myer center. For fashion enthusiast you should never miss to visit the Winter Garden for a number of clothing lines as well as the queen’s plaza for some expensive cloth line as well as the Broadway which is for some formal dresses.

4. Pit street Mall: This is a pedestrianized area that is home to a number of flagship chain stores, it is a great shopping district that will offer you anything that you would desire to purchase since the area is awash with shopping centres such as the Westfield Centre point and Westfield Sydney, Imperial Arcade, Glasshouse, Sky Garden, Mid City Center, as well as the Central Plaza and the Strand Arcade. All these malls feature hundreds of Individual shopping outlets that are easy to reach.

5. Rundle Mall: This is the place to go if you are in Adelaide. This pedestrianized street features up to over 600 shops such that any shopping enthusiast will be sure to find everything and anything at this spot. It houses numerous Australian Indigenous retailers both large and small stores and numerous other specialty shops. Retailers such as Myer center, Woolworth and David Jones can all be found here.

Therefore, once you secure yourself an Australian Visa, you will find more than just enough locations in this country to visit for your shopping expedition. Places such as the Westfield Miranda, the Warringah Mall, the Erina fair and the Westfield Miranda junction are just but a few best shopping places amongst many more