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        How to produce is a high quality chairs and tables?

        Desks and chairs in the material choice, of course, cold-drawn steel tube parts are all made of the high frequency welding of high quality steel pipe, plate, is to choose the good surface quality, high degree of finish, good cold bending and welding performance, and must be high quality cold-rolled steel plate stamping performance. Building panel has a multilayer plywood, moulding board, joinery board, color variety, convenient for customers to choose. Foot set of plastic cover, prevent slippery, wear-resisting.
        Then there is the material production, we have advanced production equipment, cutting machine, shearing machine, bending machine, punching machine, drilling machine, welding machine, etc., and is equipped with independent line painting workshop, convenient production desks and chairs, realize fully automated process, high output. Desks and chairs are all made of cold-drawn high-frequency welded pipe, ?

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