Venus Palermo is a real life living doll!

June 8, 2012 • by jhoice • in Fashion Bizarre Youtube

Venus Palermo, also known as “VenusAngelic”  is a 15 year old real life doll! She is hitting google trends and people are searching her videos and photos! OMG OM! OMG! No Kidding! This teenage girl is a real life doll! She has an audience over 10,000,000 on her YouTube Channel! (I’m jealous, lol!) Yeah, for real! Venus born with a doll like face features  with a white blonde hair, a porcelain skin, and a pair of enormous blue eyes.


Venus Palermo living doll Venus Palermo living doll

As she speaks at The Morning Show interview,  that encouraged her to try out the barbie look! Not to mention, this girl  speaks 4 languages (english, german, japanese, swiss french)!

“I like dressing like a doll and I think it is really important to have a personality and style, so I’m happy that I have found what I want to be” she says.

Venus made tons of “make-up tutorial” on her Youtube Channel and spends around $200/ month on cutesy stuff to get the the doll look she wants and spends about 40 minutes to fix herself.  Oh Wow! I can’t beat that!

“I don’t even own a pair of sweatpants, I would never dress that way. If I want to be cosy, I will wear my frilly pajamas. I feel comfortable this way, I would not feel like myself if I dressed any other way”.

My  Verdict to this is , I admit that she is cute and I always love barbie doll since I was a kid. I definitely describe “Barbie is all about Fashion!”  But Seriously, This is so bizzarre! Why would this young girl put all of her energy into pretending to be a Barbie Doll? Hmmm.. I Don’t Know, But Let me tell you, she gets to do videos and be on Youtube with 10,000 hits changing her clothes, primping her hair and acting empty headed! Where do I sign up?  I could be Malibu Barbie.  I all ready have the fashion and the lovely natural tan! He-he!

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Sooo ladies, share me your thoughts on this!