What Wearing Vaneli Boots Could Be Saying About Your Personality

January 22, 2014 • by jhoice • in Womens Fashion

The term “dress for success” may not be heard as often today as it was heard several decades ago. However, people, including business partners and employers, continue to make assessments of people based on the clothes they wear. Vaneli shoes, like clothes and accessories, also reveal the personality of their wearers.

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Let your footwear style shine

“A study in the Journal of Research in Personality observed that people can deduce about 90 percent of your personality just by looking at your heels,” according to Cosmopolitan. Additionally, “Sixty three observers were able to guess the gender, age, social status and personality traits of 200 people based on looking at their most-worn shoes.”

Some of the findings from the study revealed that, “Practical shoes belonged to agreeable people, ankle boots were worn by more aggressive types, and uncomfortable looking shoes were worn by calm personalities.” Even if you don’t see yourself this way while you’re wearing stylish footwear like Vaneli shoes, this may very well be the way onlookers, including close relatives and friends, see you.

Wear a pair of red suede Vaneli shoes or a pair of silver Akron Vaneli shoes and you could send the message that you’re a risk taker, someone who walks her own path rather than choosing to follow the crowd. Both pairs of shoes are designed with low heels, making it easy for young women as well as more mature women to sport the shoes.

The upscale shoes are made of the finest materials. If you’re looking for price deals, check out retailers that sell the shoes at a 40% discount. These retailers might also offer $5 standard shipping, giving you the chance to reap more savings. They offer the shoes in small sizes like a 4 as well as larger women’s shoe sizes like a 12.

In addition to shoes, retailers also carry and sell Vaneli boots. For example, Vaneli boots from Marmi Shoes come in styles that stop above the ankle, while other boots come all the way up to your knees. The boots and shoes are manufactured by the Wolff Shoe Company, a footwear firm that has been in the fashion business since 1918.

Castaly Vaneli boots have a smooth edge at the back and front. Carsyn Vaneli boots, on the other hand, are designed with an 18 inch shaft over the knee and a suede string design that supports a five-holed artwork that extends down the sides of the boots. The boots’ inside zipper allows for easy foot entry.

Women who prefer pants to skirts and dresses might fall in love with a cool pair of Lana ankle length boots, particularly a pair of red suede Lana boots. The flexible rubber sole provides a steadier footing. A full leather lining is great for keeping a woman’s feet warm. The wedge heel on the boot is two inches, while the elastic goring at the heel offers a unique fit and style.




Bundle up IN Style this Christmas Season

November 1, 2013 • by jhoice • in Winter FAshion Womens Fashion

During this holiday season, winter clothes are not only the IN thing in the garment industry, they are a necessity. To keep warm men, women and children in the streets you often see, are all bundled up from head to toe. Looking like stuffed muffins, some are too bundled up, they have a hard time walking especially in the snow. Yes, winter clothes are a necessity that’s right, but as for me, bundled or not, my clothes has to be not only fashionable but comfortable as well.

So I’ll let you in on one of my favorite online shops this season, where I purchased my favorite winter coats, particularly womens down coats, womens wool coats and leather coats for women – the ever dependable DressLily. It is with them I found my pretty elegant and comfortable finds. I purchased three of their sought after winter designs coats such as Fashionable Hooded Solid Color Pocket with Zipper Thick Shorts Women’s Down Coat and Casual Hooded Long Sleeve Double-Breasted Wool Blends Women’s Coat which I wear with just about anything. And for the office, I love their Elegant Round Neck Long Sleeve PU Leather Splicing Black Coat for Women.

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winter coats for women winter coats for women

All of my finds in their online shop are in neutral tones, so basically I don’t have to lose sleep over mixing and matching my wardrobe. What I love about this online shop is that their clothes are all customizable and fits well. When you purchase a coat online with your specific measurements, you get exactly that. There are no measurement errors, the clothing materials are splendid, the designs are always in fashion; shipping methods are fast and dependable with over 200 countries worldwide. And if you are not satisfied, which is very impossible, they even have a return policy. Plus, all of the clothing collections are at very affordable rates. So enjoy this Winter Holiday Season, keep warm without cramping your style.