Tivoli Designs Towel Railes – A Must For Every Home

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There is nothing more soothing after taking a bath, than to wrap yourself with warm toasty towels. It helps calm the nerves and eases the senses. That is why heated towel rails are becoming more of a necessity in every household in the UK. One of the best known manufactures, if not, the best widely known name when talking about towel rails, are those made by Tivoli Designs. These Tivoli towel rails not only enhances and compliments the features of your homes bathroom, it also helps in keeping the room damp free and odorless. Warding off harmful bacteria that live on wet floors. Tivoli designed towel rails comes in many designs, finish and Sizes that would definitely fit your interiors. They have the Straight Towel Rails that never goes out of style, such as this pristine Biasi Dolomite 400 x 800mm White Straight Heated Towel Rail. Another favorite would be the Traditional Towel Rails which is a classic and goes with the Victorian Style in fixtures; an example would be this Phoenix Victoria 479 x 952mm Traditional Style Heated Towel Rail. And for a more modern appeal, the likes of this Biasi Dolomite 600 x 800mm White Curved Heated Towel Rail which provides more room for your towel to spread over neatly. All of these pieces are worth every penny, as it is made from the finest quality materials and is guaranteed to last long. All of these products definitely fit easy on the budget without compromising style and quality. For a healthy environment and a healthier you, look no further – go for Tivoli Designed Towel Rails. To know more about tivolis log on to

Don’t Let Your Pregnancy Cramp Your Style

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Congratulations! Right now, you are going through one of the most exciting times of your life. Before you know it, a precious little one is going to enter into your existence and change your world. However, before you can meet your baby, you’re going to go through pregnancy. Let these five fashion tips keep your looking stylish all nine-months long.

Support Hosiery

You might not ever have thought that support hosiery could be available for you, but companies like Preggers specialize in these accessories. Fortunately, these pieces are. Whether you are wearing a beautiful dress for a wedding or a skirt for work, you can keep everything in where it belongs. By ensuring that you select the right size, you can remain comfortable while you are wearing them as well. Comfort is a major plus when you are pregnant.

Choose Loose, Not Sloppy

Sometimes, ladies get a little bit confused because clothes that are sloppy and clothes that are loose. A pair of yoga pants when you are lounging around the house or even grabbing a cup of coffee is certainly comfortable, and they have plenty of give to them. However, throw on a huge pair of sweatpants and a raggedy t-shirt to do the same things, and you will look as though you have put absolutely no effort into your style.

Maternity Section Shop

Shop The Maternity Section

This might seem like an obvious tip, but you’d probably be surprised to see how many women actually try to go against it. Instead of embracing their new bodies, they may still be trying to hide themselves in clothes that are simply too small for them. Remember, the maternity section was crafted with you and your new shape in mind. Simply shopping for clothes that are a few sizes bigger doesn’t always work. Essentially, you might not have gotten bigger all over your body, so you want to account for that.

Don’t Turn Frumpy

Yes, you are getting older in your life, and having a child is an indication of that. But this does not mean that you need to start dressing frumpy. Maternity sections have plenty of stylish maternity clothes, so be willing to get a little bit creative. For example, a pair of jeans might be rather uncomfortable for you at this point, but some beautiful dresses can really make you look as though you are a ray of light. Knowing that you still have radiance and a glow within yourself is so incredibly important.

Use Fun Accessories

Fitting into your favorite old clothes from the days before you were pregnant might not work out for you so well right now. However, this does not mean that you have to avoid wearing all of those fun accessories that you used to love. Just think of the effect that a beautiful scarf can have on the way that you look or the way that jewelry can help to make an outfit appear to be something truly incredible.

Maternity Sections
Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful experience, but this does not mean that you always feel beautiful and wonderful. Fortunately, your sense of style does not need to completely fall to the wayside when you are going to give birth soon.