Best Shopping Sites in Australia

September 29, 2014 • by jhoice • in Shopping

Australia continues to attract people from all walks of life due to a number of interesting and beautiful things that it has to offer which ranges from its magnificent cities to its unique wildlife and stunning beaches as well as its welcoming people amongst other numerous things that will not only offer you an exciting gate away moment during your visit to this Australia but also quite a memorable time once you set your foot in this country. While in Australia you can never miss to see some captivating scenery and glamorous events but another thing that you can be sure of is the satisfying shopping experience that this country has to offer both to the locals and to any traveller and visitors alike. Actually the moment you secure an Australian visa, the first opportunity will be to visit some very magnificent shopping centres that will literally offer every opportunity to shop till you drop. This country is characterized with numerous and incredible shopping locations, magnificent one stop shops and malls as well as extensive shopping outlets that will give any passionate shopper every convenient opportunity to find whatever they desire and whatever they can think of Generally, while in this country you will find some of the best shopping sites in Australia that comprises of places such as;

best shoppinh sites in australia

1. Chad stone Shopping center: Situated in Melbourne, this mall is considered the largest shopping site in this city as it boast of up to about 530 retail outlets in an area of about 190,000 sq. m. Opened in the year 1960 this mall has stood the test of times with its sheer size making not only astounding but also satisfying.ln this mall you will find almost everything and anything that you would want to think of with the latest of the brands being the European fashion retailer Zara. Other stores that are situated here are the Woolworths, Coles David Jones, Dick Smith, Myer, Apple Inc., and JB Hi-Fi

2. Australian Fair: This is a multi-level shopping center that is situated in the heart of the Gold coast and is home to almost 230 specialty shops together with a number of key departmental stores such as Best and Less, Kmart and a number of supermarket chains such as the Woolworths and the Coles. There also exist Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas, the Trader Dukes Tavern as well as a wide array of restaurants together with a lot of trendy cafes.

3. The Queen Street mall: Situated in the city of Brisbane, this mall will meet all you shopping desires. It is in this location that you will find a number of shopping centres such as Brisbane Arcade and the Myer center. For fashion enthusiast you should never miss to visit the Winter Garden for a number of clothing lines as well as the queen’s plaza for some expensive cloth line as well as the Broadway which is for some formal dresses.

4. Pit street Mall: This is a pedestrianized area that is home to a number of flagship chain stores, it is a great shopping district that will offer you anything that you would desire to purchase since the area is awash with shopping centres such as the Westfield Centre point and Westfield Sydney, Imperial Arcade, Glasshouse, Sky Garden, Mid City Center, as well as the Central Plaza and the Strand Arcade. All these malls feature hundreds of Individual shopping outlets that are easy to reach.

5. Rundle Mall: This is the place to go if you are in Adelaide. This pedestrianized street features up to over 600 shops such that any shopping enthusiast will be sure to find everything and anything at this spot. It houses numerous Australian Indigenous retailers both large and small stores and numerous other specialty shops. Retailers such as Myer center, Woolworth and David Jones can all be found here.

Therefore, once you secure yourself an Australian Visa, you will find more than just enough locations in this country to visit for your shopping expedition. Places such as the Westfield Miranda, the Warringah Mall, the Erina fair and the Westfield Miranda junction are just but a few best shopping places amongst many more

Are You Ready For a Cebu Shopping Experience?

March 29, 2014 • by jhoice • in Shopping

Are you the kind of traveller whose vacation isn’t quite complete without a good spot of shopping? If you’re heading to Cebu, you’re in for a real adventure. From the famous SM City Cebu to the colourful Tabo sa Banay markets, Cebu offers some of the most diverse, interesting and value-driven retail experiences to be found anywhere. But it’s a busy city, with loads of options, so if you’re wondering how to best conduct your retail therapy sessions, read on.


Before we move onto the ins and outs of shopping in Cebu, here’s a little tip for you. If you’re looking for somewhere lovely to stay, where you can indulge in some luxury and pamper yourself, stay in the Radisson Blu Cebu hotel.

SM City Cebu

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SM City Cebu is not only the fourth biggest shopping centre in the Philippines, it’s also the eleventh biggest in the entire world. 11.8 hectares of land and 268,611 square metres of retail floor make up its area, and more than 100,000 people visit every day. (This figure swells to 150,000 on weekends). To join the crowd, you’ll need to head to Cebu’s North Reclamation Area. No more directions are needed – once you’re there, you definitely won’t miss it!

Five hundred shops, cafes and restaurants are on offer, spread across four storeys. As far as fashion goes, you’ll find pretty much anything imaginable – from high-end designer labels to some serious bargains. Plus, like many contemporary malls, SM City Cebu delivers so much more than opportunities to buy and eat. Entertainment is also high on the agenda, so there’s also an amusement park, a ten-pin bowling alley, frequent live shows and a traveller’s lounge.

Ayala Centre

If you’re concerned that the sheer enormity of SM City Cebu might prove overwhelming, another option is the Ayala Centre. It’s a beautifully-designed mall, in which our increasing desire to bring more greenery into our urban lives has been kept in mind. In fact, wandering around, it’s difficult to believe that hectic city life is just a stone’s throw away. Gardens, parks and water features are seamlessly interwoven with the retail infrastructure.

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The focus is definitely on high-end products. International travellers – both tourists and business people – form a significant proportion of the 85,000 or so daily visitors. Think brands like Gap, Zara, Mango and Timex. 2008 saw the addition of ‘The Terraces’, a strip of eateries offering high-quality cuisine, cocktail bars and a stylish, sophisticated atmosphere. There’s also a cinema that stays open until 2am and a chapel.

Gasiano Country Mall

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For shoppers on a budget, or those looking for a serious bargain, Gasiano Country Mall is a step down from the glitz and glamour of SM City Cebu and the Ayala Centre. It hasn’t been through the modernisation and extension process, so don’t expect shiny steel, enormous mirrors and landscaping, but do expect a quiet, unpretentious atmosphere and a more pronounced local shopping contingent. You’ll find the Gasiano Country Mall on Banilad Road, Cebu City.

Tabo sa Banay Market

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For an even more local (and cheaper!) experience, there’s Tabo Sa Banay. It’s a rich, vibrant bazaar-style market found on Manalili Street in the city. There’ll heat, crowds and sensory overload! But there’ll also be a drastic drop in prices – most items sell in the street at half the prices they do in the airconditioned comfort of malls. Clothing and accessories of every variety are on sale – from smart, office attire to beachy dresses, t-shirts and shorts.