Bubblewsing around!

November 6, 2012 • by jhoice • in Revenue

Well.. Due to persistent of public demands I decided to post a proof of payment from this cool website.

I’ve earned pretty good bucks there. I started on Sept 18, 2012. They pay you for the article / news you will submit, likes or dislikes, views and comments. I got paid, 7x already since I registered- you can check  my profile or archives there for other proof of payment.

As you can see, they sent me $52.08 for my 7th cash out! That’s my earnings for 7DAYS . I’m cashing out every weekend, and they’ve been very nice. Their support is excellent in responding if you have questions. Thanks to Arvind and Staff for the Awesome opportunity!

It’s a great site for those wanting to make money online. Making money seems to be as easy as opening an account, writing content, and viewing , liking posts and interacting with others. I’d really appreciate it if you will sign up under my referral link at http://tinyurl.com/arxg5mt

Also, Let me know your username or you can just simply hit the “connect” and you will be added to my connections. Let’s keep connected and help each other by viewing, liking or commenting each other’s posts!

I will be posting more websites where I’ve earned moolah soon to show my appreciation to my “sweet readers and followers” over the past years. So Stay tuned! “til my next post!