Make an impression this New Years Eve!

November 13, 2012 • by jhoice • in New Year Shopping

Before you even have time to unwrap your last Christmas present or finish off that last sprout, New Years Eve appears. New Years Eve can sometimes be a nightmare, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear. What you’re actually going to do on that faithful night comes only second to what you’re actually going to wear. Being the last big party of the year before your new years resolutions of dieting and gym commence, you want it to be a good one and you want to blow everyone away with your year ending outfit!

First thing you will need to know is what type of event you are going to be attending, formal or casual? This is what is going to determine what style you go for when choosing a perfect outfit, no one wants to turn up to a casual party in a ball gown, and vice versa.

House Of Dereon

At a house party you may want to stick to the more casual style, most people will want you to remove your shoes when you come into their home and a prom dress without those killer heels just doesn’t look right. However, this is New Years Eve after all, an opportunity to dress up. Don’t be afraid to wear sequins and sparkle. A fitted bodycon dress is a good casual but dress up dress which will look fantastic in any atmosphere. House of Dereon has a virtue of stunning dresses with a bit of sparkle. You really cannot go wrong with a dress from Beyonce’s House of Dereon collection. Remember, accessorising is the key. You can have loads of fun styling your outfit up, or dressing it down depending on the accessories you use.

If you are attending a more formal doo this New Years Eve, then you will want to step your game up in terms of your gown. A long floor length dress may be more suitable and appropriate to wear at a formal party. However, this does not mean no sparkle, but if you choose a dress with a lot of detail and shimmer then make sure you don’t go over board on the accessories, keep it sleek and classy with just a few statement pieces. If you decide on a sleek and simple gown then accessorising with sparkle is a must, it will add glamour and that New Years Eve x-factor to your look.