The importance of Music Arts and Culture in a Small Community

November 27, 2012 • by jhoice • in Music

Music, Art, and a Small Community

It is through art, music, drama and dance that a small community is able to pull together collectively to show what they have to offer, what they have in common and to understand their past, their history and their future. The musical arts are important in a small community because in times of change and hard times it helps bring them together and give them hope.

The musical arts of a small community help shape and make it come to life for all those that visit the area. The importance of music in a small community helps bring the culture of the area to life. Having the chance to feel the joy of the theatre through the eyes of a child as they watch performances such as Disney on Ice and to awake some hidden talents of the members that help make up Adelphi Theatre is wonderful.

Adelphi Theatre

Seeing huge musical performances on stage such as Les Miserables and Midsummers Night Dream help to bring the stories to life much better than seeing them performed on a movie screen, being there with the actors is better than 3D could ever be. The stories become real, the community in which they are performed transforms and the heart of the small community shines through the performances.

There are many that believe that enjoying a live Broadway show will require that they have to travel miles and spend tons of money on tickets not fully understanding that just minutes away from their homes are stars being born, great performances being performed at prices that in many ways are too good to be true.

Having musical arts and culture in a small community helps to bring these hidden resources into reach for so many, it gives them the chance to experience the richness of our cultural heritage, forgotten fashion and valuable tradition up close and personal, live and in real time much better than watching it on the movie screen or television.

Art in a small community helps others understand that you don’t have to be a star to entertain but entertaining in a small community theatre can help you becomes a star or have the pleasure of discovering one.

Rihanna bares naked on her new Album Cover UNAPOLOGETIC

October 11, 2012 • by jhoice • in Celebrity Fashion Music

I first notice Rihanna’s music from her album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, it has to be one of my favorite album. She was also recognized for being stylish who wears metal studs, leather, fishnets and fierce killer heels. Rihanna is a young woman with great passion for fashion and music, and a girl who is living her life and doing things her way!

Today, Rihanna bares naked on the cover of her new album Unapolegetic. The pop superstar tweets the released of her seventh studio album , ”UNAPOLOGETIC”.

“My NEW album “UNAPOLOGETIC” will be released on NOVEMBER 19th WORLDWIDE #Navy — Rihanna

Rihanna bares naked on her new album cover UNAPOLOGETIC

The album name is pretty cool! I like Rihanna, she’s hot! (No doubt about that) With her music, Well.. I admit, I used to really like her singing at the beginning but now she has gone way down, her music starts to sounds all the same . Well IMO! Anyways, Diamonds, is the first single from the new album and is also happens to be the name of her 2013 world tour!

Not only that, Rihanna is also set to perform at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion, which will air on CBS in December along with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. How cool is that!

What do you think of her new album art?