Quality apparel suited to the golf course

March 4, 2014 • by jhoice • in Mens Clothing

The emergence of spring means many things to many different people, and for many, thoughts will turn to the golf course. Particularly those who live in environments that are prone to harsh winter conditions will delight in the milder temperatures and sunny days of spring. This may also lead them directly to their favorite golf course.

When assessing golf needs for the coming season, many consumers may automatically think of sporting goods such as clubs, balls, or bags, as well as some of the clever accessories intended to improve performance and optimize a swing. It is equally important for golf enthusiasts to give some thought to what they will wear on the green. Looking good may not be a pre-requisite to a below par score, yet some clubs and member-only facilities may have stringent rules and guidelines regarding what may and may not be worn on the property.

It is also key to keep in mind the need for comfort and free-motion during play. Those who find conventional apparel restrictive may find that it can negatively impact their game. Investing in some specialty clothing for days on the course is a prudent suggestion for those that enjoy and look forward to the sport, and online merchants offer some exemplary options at very affordable rates. For instance, the golf clothing by Peter Millar merges effortless style and unsurpassed quality with features that make the apparel wearable, movable, and non-restrictive. These attributes alone may have a positive impact on a golfer’s performance!

Want List: Von Asten Resort. These Hand Crafted Balinese Board Shorts Have Just Hit Australian Shores

February 12, 2014 • by jhoice • in Mens Clothing

Remember the days of your childhood when going to the beach was about swimming and playing? Those days are gone. A walk down a sandy shore is becoming a fashion show for both women and men alike. Although they were once worn only for functional reasons, board shorts for men are quickly becoming a strong fashion statement and a way to give a great first impression. With a very minimal amount of fabric, they reveal more than skin. Just like a quality shoe or watch accessory, quality beachwear reveals a great deal about a man’s personality and his sense of style.

board shorts for men

The Von Asten Resort collection of board shorts for men is designed with men’s needs in mind. This is good news to men who appreciate the need for high-end fashion, even in casual spaces such as beaches and by the pool. But what is even better news is that their products have finally arrived in Australia. Finally, you can discover what has made this company’s collection so in-demand throughout Southeast Asian resort hotels for the past two years.

Attention Paid to Detail Will Get Attention Paid to You

Von Asten Resort builds the finest quality board shorts you can buy. Quite simply, there is no finer attention to detail and no detail left unattended. From the quality stitching to the handmade, engraved eyelets and silver-coated toggles, nothing has been overlooked in order to bring the finest product to market. These high-end features, along with the modern, tailored cut, provide the best sandaled-foot forward you can hope for on any beach or resort.

Colour and Pattern Are Always In Fashion

The first thing people notice is the colour scheme of your outfit. Colours tell a person whether you’re outgoing and courageous or meek and shy. They tell a story about who you are and what you’re all about. Plain, muted colours help you to disappear, whereas bold, ostentatious colours and patterns mean that you’re ready to be talked to. Inspired by the luxurious playgrounds of wealth and colour, Von Asten Resort specializes in being modern and trendy when it comes to its designs. Featured at the Fashion Expo in Sydney, they are quickly becoming trendsetters in the beachwear market.

No More Mister Soggy Drawers

Because of the type of material used, Von Asten Resort shorts tend to dry quickly and effectively. The polyamide fabric shell and 100% cotton lining have great airflow, which allows for maximum speed when it comes to drying. This way, if you find yourself in and out the ocean or pool a fair bit, you will get comfortable faster. And it’s for more than just comfort’s sake; you’ll be dry and looking your absolute best sooner as well.

The new online catalogue is live as of February 9th and offers a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit every taste. Shopping is easy and delivery is simple and available throughout Australia. See why Von Asten Resort is not only a trend-watcher but also a trendsetter. You’ll also see why they are sure to be placed on every man’s “want list” for the coming beach season.