How to Make a Stunning Necklace With Ease

January 3, 2014 • by jhoice • in Jewelry Style Fashion

Statement jewelry can be found in runways all around the world, and bold pieces have become incredibly popular among celebrities for everyday wear.  Statement necklaces are suitable for a day-to-day professional look or a special evening out. Pairing an understated outfit with a special personalized necklace creates an elegant look.  Looking for a piece that reflects your personal style?  Creating your own jewelry is a great way to get exactly what you want for a fraction of the cost.

Mixing Metals

Mixed metals are popular this year, so allow yourself to incorporate multiple types of wire to strengthen your piece.  Mixing various shades of copper, silver and gold will create a dynamic piece that is perfect for a casual evening out.  Accent the wires with some bali-style beads, and shorten the length so that this heavier statement piece sits close to the neckline.

Draw the Eye’s Attention

Many women love the look of rustic pieces.  Combining natural elements on a necklace with an organic cotton t-shirt creates a down-to-earth look, while still looking fashionable and feminine.  Create a focal point on your necklace by using a large natural stone, clay bead or cubic zirconia.  Be bold with colors, or combine monochromatic shades to suit your personal style.  Use natural fibers like leather or hemp to string together beads and complete the earthy look.

The Timeless Attraction of Pearls

Pearls create the ultimate vintage glamour piece.  Although a single strand is the most common style, there are so many options to create a larger piece.  Combine multiple strands in a variety of lengths.  Freshwater dancing pearls are an interesting alternative to the traditional strand.  Their staggered bead holes cause the pearls to cluster together creating a unique look.  Accent the pearls with antique locket and complete your look with a formfitting cocktail dress.

Make it Complete with Glass Beads

Glass beads are ideal for the perfect summer statement piece.  Some are delicate and lightweight, while others are large and detailed.  Combine bright colors to compliment a flirty summer dress, or create a piece to accent your favorite swimsuit.  Multiple strands in a variety of lengths will hang perfectly to create the ultimate summer look.  Check online stores like for jewelry making supplies that will help you to create the perfect piece.

Birthstone Gems Make Ideal Gifts

Create a personalized piece for a friend by incorporating gems that represent their birthstone.  This handmade gift will make the most thoughtful birthday present.  Accent it with a thin silver wire strand so that bright color stands out.  Stagger the beads and inch or two apart and hold them in place with a crimp bead to make a floating style necklace.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to creating your own jewelry.  With so many beads and gemstones available, it is easy to create stunning necklaces to suit your personal style.  Be sure to use a durable wire and clasp so that your jewelry withstands wear overtime.  Having the proper tools will allow you to experiment with a variety of styles and intricate designs.  There are no limitations on the beautiful pieces that you can create, and you will find plenty of inspiration in fashion magazines and online.

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Create a jewelry design that is exclusively unique to you

November 27, 2013 • by jhoice • in Jewelry

Priceless jewelry comes in many forms. When a jewelry piece embodies a strong symbolic connection to a special person in your life, this type of jewelry is priceless beyond measures. Jewelry that represents a symbolic meaning can be passed down from generations to generations and represent a special family heirloom that keeps traditional family values alive.

Jewelry is personal for each individual. Each piece is selected based upon a person’s personality and style sense. People also choose to wear certain pieces of jewelry when it fits a particular occasion. In addition to being worn as a fashion statement, a customized piece of jewelry can represent more than just a beautiful accessory. In today’s society, jewelry is often used as a reminder of the bond between individuals in personal relationships. It serves as a memento and can have various connotations attached to it.


Hand stamped jewelry has its own level of significance apart from the traditional diamond, pearl or cubic zirconia jewelry sets. Hand stamped jewelry sets, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets are made to order and allow you to customize the jewelry to create a design that is exclusively unique to you. You have the option of engraving names and individual images from a custom jewelry company, such as, and providing your loved one, such as a mother, sister or grandmother, with a special dedication to her. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special day, hand stamped jewelry is a great gift for you to show your esteem for another person. Click here to start creating your design.

For made to order jewelry, the entire design should be made with the highest quality of metals. The clasps should securely connect to ensure its durability and resilience for years to come. There are a wide variety of precious metals that can be incorporated into the design to include a distinctive character and represent your unique personal stamp. Gold, platinum and silver are the most common types of metals used in jewelry making. The metals can be designed for lighter and bright jewelry pieces as well as darker and richer colors.