A Brief on Fashionable Bath Tubs

June 27, 2012 • by jhoice • in Home Decoration

fashionable tub
Baths are indeed a sign of serenity in the bathroom. Though bathtubs are obtainable in various colours white is the most preferred one. However, the intact range of the bathroom accessories is to be set in white so that the main idea behind fixing the white bath-tub is fulfilled. Buying a bathtub is known to be the most economical function. In addition, it promotes the style quotient of the user.

Prior to the purchase of bathtub, main concern should be the dimensions the bathtub. Though they are available in various sizes it should be remembered that as the size of the tub increases the volume of the required water too increases. Moreover, the tubs are ought to be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the user’s bathroom.

Bathtub material
Though ceramic bathtubs are the conventional ones, white layered acrylic or cast iron bathtubs are opted in the modern era. The reason behind choosing the latter ones is, they are light in weight. Furthermore, they are least liable to be stained easily.

Perceptibly, the aspect of your budget should not be ignored under any circumstances. Fortunately, the bathtubs are obtainable in various prices that suit the user’s finances.

Technical Issues
Aspects such as water outlet, side holes etc. are to be keenly considered. The side holes are drilled for purpose of allowing out the over-flowing water. The taps and showers fixed to the bathtub should be cautiously observed. Bathtubs of light weight are the mostly recommended in order to evade damage to the floor and for easy portability.

Where to Purchase?
Aqva Bathrooms is one of the on-line retailers in UK, who have showcased more than 1000 Bath tubs in their on-line store. With all ranging from different sizes, one can get their desired fashionable tub for their bathroom.

How to Select a Fashionable and Powerful Shower for Your Bathroom

June 24, 2012 • by jhoice • in Home Decoration

An ACT OF SHOWER IS THE best way to start your day. We are extremely happy to help you buy the perfect Shower. Of course, there are a few things that need to be looked into before your choice of Shower.
Checking water pressure and the KW’s are vital factors in this regard. Accordingly, you can select Mixer, Electric or Power Shower.

fashionable shower

Keep tabs on your bathroom space

To start with, have a clear blueprint of the actual space available in your bathroom. A shower is usually installed either in a shower cubicle, or above a bath, or in a bathroom itself. There are Bathroom Showers that can go easy with your bathroom space. However, take the utmost care in measuring and adjusting the bathroom space accordingly.
The more space you have in your bathroom, the more positive results and benefits you will get in return. Don’t hesitate to extend your present bathroom space in all possible manners. In particular, get some tips and advice from a professional plumber before acting on your plans.

What kinds of Showers do you need in your bathroom?
It is important to find out the kind of water supply you have in your bathroom zone as this can influence the Shower of your choice. In case you have a low-pressure gravity-fed water system, you will definitely enjoy a reasonably powerful shower. Also, greater chances are that you can choose the Power Shower with an inbuilt pump.

The best way out is to choose the stylish and fabulous range of the Shower. It will bring the thrilling and exciting moments to your daily shower.
The quality front is the key. So, grab the right Shower that offers you a complete cake walk bath solution with the greatest results. A Shower with the top quality Chrome Finish Frame will augur well for you. Making sure that it is WRAS-approved is also very important.

Safety at bathroom
Before doing any electrical, maintenance or plumbing work, check with the local authorities/professionals with respect to the rules and regulations, all in your larger interests.