Getting Your Dream Job

September 9, 2013 • by jhoice • in Fashion Finds

They say that if you love your job then you’ll never work a day in your life. Some people know exactly what it is that they want to do from childhood right through to adulthood, whereas others take longer to discover what it is they want to spend the majority of their life doing. Most people however have a eureka moment at some point down the line where they suddenly realize what it is that they would happily do day in and day out. The challenge then, is to land that dream job.

The first step is getting your foot in the door. If you are very lucky you will realize what your dream job is around the same time as it is advertised, if not then you have to work a little harder to inch closer to your career goal. Search for companies where you might be able to work in the role you dream of. Check their recruitment pages on their websites and see what jobs are already on offer, and if anything is a close fit. Even if it is not the exact job you may be able to convince them of the usefulness of other skills you have and adapt the role to fit. Alternatively send CVs speculatively to companies you might like to work for with a covering letter detailing your skills and how you feel you might be of benefit to the business. Often positions are filled before they are even advertised, as employers have a bank of CVs to draw from should they need to hire someone.

Once you have landed yourself that all-important interview, it is your time to shine. Making a good first impression is vital, and this means presenting yourself well, being punctual and having everything with you that you need, as well as speaking clearly. Women don’t need to wear a full suit for most interviews these days, and you can still dress in a feminine manner and appear professional. You can find a great range of work dresses at George at Asda, which when worn with a suit jacket and some smart shoes will make the perfect interview outfit for less than you might expect. Dressing for success has long been a tactic employed by those in the corporate world, and the idea is to portray an image of success in order to obtain a new level of seniority.

work dresses work dresses work dresses

Make sure you answer questions with authority and concisely so that your interviewer can see you know what you are talking about. It is best to always try to give demonstrative examples of how you have applied certain skills, but try to stick to the facts without rambling. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on any of the questions or to say you don’t know, this will be appreciated more than blabbing your way through an answer, which your interviewer will pick up on straight away.

Getting that dream job is a big step and you will understandably be nervous in the run up to applying and having an interview. Try to view it as any other job interview, stay calm, do your research, and you will sail through ready to enjoy weekdays for the rest of your working life.

Fabulous fashion all day with RoseWholeSale

August 26, 2013 • by jhoice • in Fashion Finds Shopping

Hey dolls. I’m so excited to share you all the new shopping site I found today that I’m sure you will all love. RoseWholeSale it is– I was browsing through their web store for a couple of hours and I already fell in love with their fashion style. offer wide array of clothing line for both women and men at affordable price. They give huge discount for as much as 70% on special items on a regular basis and creating an account on the site entitles you to get a US$50 coupon.


They did a fantastic job in the design of their products in a nicely laid out theme of which photos are in clear view and the models are shown in different angles wherein you can play and style the items you want effortlessly. I find myself enjoying the site that I have to have a set , Heh! :) My favorite is of course the women’s dress as they have so much to choose from at discounted price. Check out my picks.

stylish dress stylish dress stylish dress

My long sleeve craze:

long sleeve stylish long sleeve stylish long sleeve stylish

And did I mention that they have a nice selection of wigs too? Well.. If you are into wearing wigs and you are finding it hard to find a great wig that’ll suit your style. You might want to check their wig selection – mix and match fashion effortlessly.

long sleeve stylish long sleeve stylish

Great fashion site indeed with so much to offer ! This is onе оf thе bеst рlасеs tо purchase сhеар wоmеn’s drеssеs , mens clothes , bags and other stylish accessories. I love this store and you will too. Well,  If you’re a type of a person who loves to shop online without having to spend a lot, this is your best choice. Not to mention, Rosewholesale is on facebook too. So be sure to check it out and take advantage of great offers. You can thank me later :)