What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

September 18, 2013 • by jhoice • in Fashion Events

casino attire for womens

Las Vegas is one of the top destinations in the world for casino gambling. Part of playing there is knowing the ins and outs of the various casinos located in the city. One important piece of information to know before heading out to a Vegas casino is to understand the dress code required by the casinos. Some casinos will deny patrons entry if they are not wearing proper attire. This could make for disastrous evening plans and you might be better playing at an online casino if you don’t want to make the effort!

During the day, the accepted dress is a bit more casual. Due to the warm climate, the casinos here are perfectly fine with guests wearing shorts as long as they are neat and tasteful. Cleanliness is also something required. As night falls, women attending casinos should plan on stepping up their look a little bit more. Jeans, slacks, dresses and skirts are appropriate to wear in the evening. While jeans are indeed casual, they must be dressed up with a fancy top and perhaps jewellery. If you’ll be dining out while on your casino adventure, you might take this into account as well. Some restaurants, especially on the Strip, require a bit dressier attire. Therefore wearing a knee length cocktail dress to cover both the casino and restaurant are perfectly fine. One must consider their overall purpose for the evening to dictate the level of dress.

If you will be going to Vegas during the winter month, make no mistake it can get cold here. Having a jacket with you at all times is a must as the desert temperature can fluctuate significantly. However, plan on the evenings being cool. Shoes are also an important part of any woman’s outfit for a casino night. Casinos do frown on sandals and flip-flops. If you expect to be doing a lot of walking, select stylish but comfortable shoes with a low heel or perhaps not one at all.

Courchevel Ski Chalet – Luxury at Its Best

May 8, 2013 • by jhoice • in Blah Fashion Events

I live in a country where we enjoy the best of the tropical weather. The sand and the surf makes a holiday seemed perfect. Other than always getting excited to shop for a fashionable ski outfit I can wear ,  if there is one thing I enjoy the most when in vacation is to Ski. And what better way to do celebrate than to go on a grand vacation to a luxury ski holiday and experience the best skiing vacation in one of the world’s best chalets in Courchevel in France. Courchevel 1850 has deep rich history as it is the first resort ever built post WWII and it is known to be the best ski resort all over Europe. Its clientele says none the least but celebrities and royals who enjoy the 5 star treatment of the resort. It basically has the best in everything, from their ski lifts to having their own airport, top of the line amenities, excellent staff, superb food… you name it they have it.

Chalet Montana
Personally, I love staying at Chalet Montana. It is the ultimate representation of a crowning glory for Courchevel. It was built from age old timber and pure stone, that it has a rustic and cozy feel to it. It has a perfect location overseeing the snow capped mountains and the pine trees. Balconies are wide enough for you to enjoy the majestic view of the Alps. It can house as many as 10 guests and all of the rooms have their own ensuite facilities. It has a huge enough fireplace to warm the guests, food is divine and the staffs are very accommodating. More importantly, they have a wellness suite complete with Hammam, monsoon shower and Jacuzzi for you to rejuvenate your spirits and relax. You will definitely enjoy your stay there as it is epitome of luxury for a skiing holiday.