Anastasiya Shpagina transformed into Real-Life Anime Girl.

November 1, 2012 • by jhoice • in Fashion Bizarre Halloween

I know we all find the things to be obsessed with, but how obsessed can you become? Not only we have real life living doll. We also have a Real-Life Anime Girl. Yes, you right it right! Anastasiya Shpagina is a 19-year-old Ukrainian. She is so obsessed with anime and turns herself into a complete  resemble of an anime character with a pair of giant eyes and a teensy body. This girl obviously don’t know when to stop! According to the Daily Mail, “the anime aficionado is 5 feet 2 inches and approximately 85 pounds.”

She also shares makeup tips on YouTube as she transforms into an anime character – Fairy Flower. It takes her about an hour to achieve her doe-eyed look— making her eyes as enormous as possible and slimming the appearance of her nose. She uses extreme makeup techniques and costumes to transform herself into a real-life anime character. If  Venus Palermo, spends $200/ month on cutesy stuff to get the the doll look I wonder how much money  Shpagina spends on her every day look. Can you guess?

a real life anime girl
I must admit her make-up technique is absolutely incredible. She can be a popular make up artist.. and could make a great living out of it perhaps in Hollywood! It’s still creepy though and to have a plastic surgery is very unhealthy. Her Fairy Flower Make Up Tutorials has become a viral video sensation and has gotten more than 800,000 views. Oh No! My head is about to explode!

“I’m not a like a doll, a doll is like me,” she writes on Oh sure!!

Her facebook page is posted with photographs of woodland creatures that inspire her like dragonflies, flowers, butterflies, and the likes- but her true muse is Valerie Lukyanova, they appear to be close friends. (Check picture below) If you’re not aware of her, I’ll tell you Lukyanova is a 21-year-old a real-life Barbie and claims to be the most famous woman on the Russian Internet.

Some people are fascinated while others creeped out. This could be a perfect look for a Halloween Party! Is it Cool or Creepy? Let me know your thoughts!

Anastasiya Shpagina

Anastasiya Shpagina

Tires Giant Treadwear Work By Carl Elkins for Goodyear.

September 13, 2012 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style Fashion Bizarre

Tires had never been sexy until Treadwear advertising campaign by Carl Elkins for Goodyear was done.  This fashion style of tires wrapped around the body is kind of weird yet amazing-  Goodyear Dunlop tires are known to be durable and weather-resistant, the campaign is showcasing the luxurious lifestyle of automobile parts, Goodyear!  I like the genius concept actually!  As you can see  in the photographs below.

Goodyear Treadwear Advertising Campaign Goodyear Treadwear Advertising Campaign
Goodyear Treadwear Advertising Campaign Goodyear Treadwear Advertising Campaign

Let me know what you think of this art work! Feel free to comment below.