My Halloween Costumes picks for 2012

October 31, 2012 • by jhoice • in Celebrities

I would have to say Halloween is the only holiday I actually enjoy more as an adult than I did on my childhood days. The fact that I get to wear different costumes , act silly , freak people and socialize is really fun! The best part of  my Halloween was back in college were everyone is dressing up and having a great time.  It is also the only time where I could actually look ugly scary without having to worry about others opinion! Lol, Seriously.. you can be what ever you wanted during this holiday!

So here are my halloween costumes picks so far. Feel free to comment below!

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume 2012 Jessica Simpson's Halloween Costume 2012

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume 2012 Paris Hilton Halloween Costume 2012

Fergie Halloween Costume 2012 Stacy Keibler Halloween Costume 2012

Photos Courtesy of US Magazine

Miley Cyrus dressed up like Nicki Minaj for Halloween- the singer, has revealed her halloween look and tweeted a photo of her in blonde wig and a catsuit outfit. Guess Who She Is? It’s Nicki Minaj! Can you tell?

Jessica Simpson , the 34-year old new mom tweeted a pic of herself as a “wench”. Ain’t that Adorable!

Kim Kardashian transformed into a mermaid for halloween. I’m not a big fan of her, but I think she looks great squeezing her curves on that outfit.

Paris Hilton proves that fairies doesn’t have to have wings, yet can be real hot!

Fergie, poses in leopard-print catsuit for Halloween. Now, that looks sexy!

Stacy Keibler , keeping it simply mysterious as she hosted a masquerade ball in Vegas. I Love the simplicity!

What’s your favorite Halloween costumes worn by celebrities this year? Share it here.. I’d love to see!