Moving Made Easy With ANYVAN

May 10, 2013 • by jhoice • in Business

Moving from one place to the next can be pretty taxing, to a lot of people . I have these heirloom pieces of furniture that I needed transported from Ipswich to London where my new home is and I needed to have it done right away. A friend of mine introduced me to this company called Anyvan which she claims to be the best possible solution to go, so I went ahead and checked it out. I was skeptical at first when she said the process was hassle free. Then I discovered how easy the process really was. I just basically posted the job that I needed done, alongside information concerning what needs moving, where you need it moved and the dates you want it done. And all the listing of your delivery is for free, no sign up fees, no nothing. After which I received emails from verified to be reliable transport companies with their quotes and all I needed to do was select the best one that fits my budget the most. Once I have chosen the company to do the job and accepted their offer, the process is done. All I needed to do was wait for the date of delivery and my treasured pieces were delivered right at my doorstep in perfect condition. My friend was right; Anyvan was indeed the best solution, if not the only solution to your delivery concerns. And as promise,  I will share always share the good news.

A Realtor That Caters to the Client

November 5, 2012 • by jhoice • in Business

When our friends told us they were moving to Chicago I knew that the challenge to find a good home is a safe neighborhood was going to be huge. Shanda really wondered how she was going to research the area and find a good realtor to work with. She was going to use a referral from the realtor she used for her last house until she found out that she had quit the business. So, I was enlisted to help and I found a website for a company called Pearson Realty Group that I told her to check out. I really was just impressed by their website. They have the MLS listing right on the main page so it is easy to look up a property but it goes way beyond that.

Pearson Realty Group

What I liked is the way the explained and help you understand the different categories of listings. They have REO/Bank owned properties they can tell you about and that is a great way to pick up a new home at a bargain basement price. Ha-ha! Sorry, bad pun. Then they have a Luxury portfolio which is you have the big bucks you might want to browse through. They have access to all kinds of properties, single family, condos or even commercial locations. Kirby Pearson grew up in the construction and realty business in the Chicago area so you really cannot ask for a better expert to assist you in finding what you really want. I was even impressed with the Leasing section where if you prefer to lease first instead of just buying in a location you don’t know well it gives you a lot of choices in that area too.