Essential Items for Your Sewing Box

Getting started with sewing needn’t be expensive, but if you walk into a haberdashery shop or browse online stores, you’ll soon see how it could turn out that way! The best way to build up your tools is to start with a basic kit and buy things as you need from there. So here’s our list of the essentials.

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Fabric Scissors

Most seamstresses are particular about their sewing scissors, and with good reason. You need a pair of really sharp scissors to accurately cut out fabric. Your fabric scissors should only be used for cutting material – otherwise they could get dirty and mark your precious material and will certainly lose their edge. Be prepared to sharpen them, too.

Tailor’s Chalk

This chalk is used for tracing pattern pieces on to fabric, or any other time that you need to mark your material. Specially designed for using on dressmaking fabrics, it can be removed by rubbing with another pieces of fabric. An alternative to this is the fabric marker.

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The best way you can help yourself as a novice sewer is to choose dressmaking fabrics that are good quality and easy to sew. You can find them at

Measuring Tape

Choose a fabric-based measuring tape. You will need one that is flexible enough to hug the contours of the human body but that will not stretch, as plastic tapes sometimes can.

Seam Ripper

Sorry to say, but you will use this tool more than you would like to! When you find that you’ve made a mistake or you just want the opportunity to improve on your first go, this tool will help you quickly and easily undo the seam. Also useful for upcycling.

Sewing Machine

Finding the right sewing machine for you will take some research. This article is a good place to start.

Hand Sewing Needles

There are always pieces that need to be finished by hand, so hand sewing needles should be a part of your kit. Keep a variety of needles on hand, as different weights of fabric will need different needles.

Pins and Pincushion

Pins come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Which you choose is up to you, but there is the danger of damage to finer fabrics if you use thick pins. Some people prefer glass-headed pins – others like straight pins.


How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer

I know most of you were crazy about beards when they were growing up. The beards on other men’s faces made them look superior and dangerous. I, however, got to admit that once in a while I did find some men mean looking.

There were instances where men walked around with ugly looking beards that made them look like Osama Bin Laden. I guess they never had beard trimmers thirty years ago, so I will cut them some slake. These days I still see some men struggling to trim their beards and can’t help to wonder why.

Know Your Beard Length

The beard length that you prefer will determine the right trimmer for you. Do you prefer short beard length or medium beards? The good thing is, unlike ten years ago, modern trimmers can easily be adjusted to fit your required standard.

Purpose of the trimmer

The trimmer you are using should be specifically designed for your beards. Most people think that a heard trimmer is just as good as a beard trimmer. This is not true.

Features of the Trimmer

One of the most important features for any trimmer is to have an adjustable blade. The blades range from 1-5 with one being the closeness of the shave. Another feature of the trimmer is that it should be two in one. In this regard, it should have a smaller bladed and a bigger one.

Contrary to popular belief, a good trimmer should be light enough to ensure precision and perfection. Heavier trimmers tend to tire one a lot and increases the chances of an era. The light trimmer should also have a good grip.

Cordless or Coded Trimmers?

Though cordless is more expensive in the market, they are better as a power blackout will not affect your shave.

Where to Get a Bat Worth your Buck

It’s only a couple of days to your son’s softball game and you remember you did not buy the softball bat he asked you for. You start a hastened search but then you are afraid not to make the same mistake you made last time. Where do you get a bat of good quality?

All the softball players out there know that the quality of their bat should never be compromised if they are to play a game well and actually win it. All players look forward to making great hits in the pitch, but where exactly do they get the bats for that?

The first thing that comes to mind is to go online and try to look for a good bat. There are many websites that sell bats but you can only get the best ones at

Theirs are softball bats made with player at heart. Whether looking for fastpitch or a slowpitch bat, your wish is their command. They have the best softball bats and softball gloves too and you are guaranteed to get one of your liking. What’s more? The pricing is friendly too. You will find that nowhere else.

These bats are of light weight making the swing real much better and they have good grips as well. The makers of the bats and those that have experience in softball say that aluminum bats are long lasting and therefore highly recommended.

For the competitive or just that recreational game, the wide softball bats assortment will give you a variety to choose from. This site will also advice you whether to buy a balanced bat or an end loaded bat depending with the type of player you are.

Be sure to check guides and read reviews on the site in order to make an informed decision.

Ways to resolve conflicts in a relationship

Throwing tantrums, calling each other names and competing who has the loudest voice does not solve anything, in fact, it worsens it to the verge of a break up. All relationships have issues, but the way that we handle the issues matters a lot. Find ways you can work out your issues

Stop as soon as you sense trouble

One word can make you tell that all is not okay. The next word coming from your mouth will either our out the fire or make it bigger. Once you sense trouble, go silent or divert from the topic especially if you are in front of your kids, then find some good time and space where you will the issue and solve it amicably.

Ask questions and listen

This in simple means ask for clarification. Making conclusions is very unhealthy because you can easiliy misquote your partners remarks yet they may have a different meaning. Clarify what they mean so that you be on the same page of your argument

Establish the source of your issue

Something always has one root cause or more. Find out the cause of a certain behavior and treat that. What causes him to come home late? Could it be a lot of work or because of how bad you treat him after a tiresome day? What makes her refuse having sex with you? Could it be because you don’t fulfill her needs well? If this is the case, as it with many relationships, read here for a solution.

Control you emotions and your voice

This is the toughest part that may seem so hard when solving an issue in a relationship but it matters a lot. When conversing over an argument, we would want to roll our eyes, shake the head and scream at our partners the loudest we can. This only triggers anger that may end up into a physical fight. Take it slow and maintain your cool. If this seems impossible at that moment keep quiet until you cool down a little.

How Craigslist Posting Service Can Boost Your Sales

The fashion label you run may be still a little brand mainly selling the products through your own local fashion shop. But there’s no doubt you also have a big dream about making your brand known to larger market. Launching your label online is one way to introduce your brand to bigger audience and expand your potential market. By selling your fashion products online, you will no longer need to depend on your local fashion shop. You can have potential customers from other cities, other states, and even from other countries. The opportunities are opened wide and you need to embrace it.

But of course, it requires a lot effort and also good strategy to make sure your marketing campaign can deliver good result. Posting ads or created threads of craigslist can be a good way to introduce your fashion label to new prospective market. craigslist has been widely popular as online classified ads website where many people are looking for various information listed there. It is including looking for various products and special offers through many classifieds ads on the website. But it doesn’t mean you posted one ads and the magic happens. craigslist has huge numbers of users and that’s including many new ads posted there at any given time. It is important to routinely post the ads on various sections on craigslist to maintain your ads have good visibility and that’s how can expect generating more sales leads.

Of course, dealing with ads posting on craigslist can be time and resource consuming. That’s something you don’t have since you need there’s so many other things to handle. This is the reason why hiring professional Craigslist posting service seems like a good option. What you need is the best solution with measured performance and more importantly, optimum result. For this, there’s one recommendation for you and that is craigslist Posting Service.

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