What to Look for when Buying Quality Cheap Earbuds

When it comes to purchasing earbuds, there are endless model types to choose from – you can find wired earbuds to canal phones to Bluetooth enabled wireless earbuds. These can make it challenging to decide on buying which one. Nonetheless the trend now is definitely towards the wireless one.

There are different types of earbuds in the market. They include:

  • Wireless earbuds
  • In-ear/ ear canal buds
  • Regular Earbuds
  • Noise-canceling earbuds, etc.

Sound quality is certainly one of the very significant concerns for everybody looking for sound buds. Therefore for some buyers, powerful and excellently tight bass is a must. Most importantly the development in technology has enabled earbud manufacturers to come up with earbuds that are noise-free (with noise cancelling features).

Well, in our opinion, the Airpod and its replicas are really worthwhile wireless earbuds. For Apple Product lovers, Airpod 2 earbuds are now available in the market. These latest version wireless Airpod are magical but they also cost a whopping $199! For bargain hunters, you can still grab your high quality cheap fake Airpods AliExpress at a small fraction of the price online!

The following pointers are some of the features that you should look for in an earphone or earbud.


  • Comfort


Comfort is important when looking for earbuds. Any earbud will feel comfortable if you wear them for a short duration. However when you need to wear them for a long duration for instance during a flight, they may end up not fitting your ears. Therefore, try the earbuds on for at least 20 minutes before you decide on its comfort.

Some people find in-ear earbuds intrusive as they prefer not to be cut off from the external environment for instance during commuting. So if you prefer to hear more sound in the environment and to also let earbuds rest on your ears, then you should choose the regular earbuds.

The weight of the earbud plays an important role when it comes to comfort. Lighter earbuds provide more comfort than heavier ones. If you prefer long listening periods, you can choose super-light portable earbuds with foam pads.

We love the fake Airpods from AliExpress as they feel and weigh the same as the original Apple Airpods.


  • Portability


If you are into physical activities, you can get lightweight portable earbuds designed for that purpose. For studio purposes, you can use closed-back or sealed-cup earbuds that are heavier. Fold-up earbuds are also more portable.

Fake Airpods come with their own white charging case that is exactly the same size as the original Apple Airpods.


  • Durability


Durability is a factor that should be in your purchase checklist when looking for earbuds. You definitely need an earbud that will withstand the test of time. You can unknowingly sit on a light colored earbud, or you can snap it in half accidentally. You should be more careful with light earbuds and store them aside safely in a protective case when you are not using them.

The material of earbuds such as sturdy plastic prevent fraying and drop damage and good design with strong external casing can help extend the usage of a pair of earbud. You can find this in a good quality Airpod Clone.

Airpods are known to be lost and misplaced frequently so if you don’t want to keep replacing your expensive earbuds, you can consider getting a pair of cheap Airpod Replica. At least you can afford another pair if the worst scenario happens.


  • Cables or not


If you eventually decide to get a pair of wired earbuds, ensure that the cable’s length is ideal for your situation. You should avoid a very long cable because it can drastically affect the sound quality by introducing noise and lowering volume and become more easily tangled.

A good pair of earbuds is likely to have a shielded cable that minimizes external noise. If you buy earbuds with too short cables, you can add an extension if required. However, be reminded to obtain an extension cable of the same quality as the cable from the earbud to avoid sound quality loss. You can also add the length you want with a single cable instead of two shorter ones since multiple connections can lower the signal.

Well, most audiophiles will argue that wired earphones offer the best sound experience. However wireless, entirely cord-free Airpod replica can prevent tangles and splitting which are usually very frustrating to the user.