The types of facelift procedures in the market

Growing old is a guaranteed event in everyone’s life. With the aging comes a lot of deterioration of one’s appearance both in stature and facial appearance. For most people, it is not a pleasing thing to have their skin sagging. That’s why most people will go for surgical procedures such as facelifts to try and enhance their appearance.

However, it is crucial to understand that there are several options when it comes to facelifts. Some options will only help a specific part of the face while others can be used to uplift the entire face. This article has listed five of the most common types of facelifts that you can choose from. You can visit the Jan Val Beauty Galgorm website to find out more about getting a facelift procedure done for you.

Types of facelifts

Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic system facelift.

This type of facelift is the most popular facelift procedure that’s preferred by most people. The SMAS comprises of all the muscles and tissues that are on your face. It is these tissues and muscles that move when you are smiling or when twitching. The SMAS facelift rejuvenates the muscles and tissues on the face when you age.

Mini facelifts

This type of facelift focuses on lifting the middle part of the face, where nasolabial folds form when you age. The procedure is usually done under anesthetic conditions. It is cheaper to acquire the mini facelift, and it also takes a shorter time to heal compared to a full facelift.

Deep plane facelifts

The deep plane type of facelift is a relatively new procedure being performed in the cosmetic industry. It involves deeper operations on the face compared to other facelift procedures. It focuses on the nasolabial region where folds form, to enhance cheekbone appearance. It is important to get this kind of facelift from professional Beauty Salon Ballymena.

Non-surgical facelifts

If you do not want any incisions done on your face for cosmetic purposes, then this type of facelift is an ideal fit for you. Natural procedures are applied to help the skin rejuvenate itself. Even though the costs of getting the non-surgical facelift is lower, it is essential to point out that its effect does not also last for long.