The List of Things To Buy For Your Wedding

When you have taken up the task of planning your wedding, then you have to keep in mind every little detail that will make this special day even more memorable. It goes without saying that even the professional wedding planners can forget or overlook several things until the last moment and by then it can be too late. We want you to turn out exactly the way you have planned it to be. And, to make things even better check out the coupon codes. From mesmerizing choices to incredible deals, discounts, and offers you can avail it all.

Here, is the ultimate checklist that will help you on your wedding day –

Printed items –

Keeping aside the invitations and save the dates. Besides, several other things fall under this category that you should take care of –



Cake bags

Place cards

Thank you notes

Everything Related To Bridal Attire –

An endless number of things are included in this, and it is crucial you stay prepared well ahead of time.

Hair Accessories or Bridal Veil –

Don’t keep it for the last day. Choose your hair accessories and veil way ahead of time. It will help you make an informed decision on what you should buy and what you wish to wear. You can even try a wide range of these to understand which one will look good with your dress.

Bridal Jewellery –

It is a big part of how you are going to look at this very special day. You can’t overlook it at any cost. The essential part of choosing the correct bridal jewellery is knowing what suits you and matches your outfit. Gowns with high neckline will demand statement earrings; on the other hand, a sweetheart neckline will pair well with a chunky necklace and sans earrings. When you do your homework on this, you will end up with stunning jewellery.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Do you have a bridal emergency kit in the list of things you need? There is a high chance that it has no place in your bridal must-buy list. However, experts feel that it is an absolute must. It is a safety precaution that will ensure that you don’t face any problem in case an unexpected situation arises. What if a button falls off in the last minute? Or you feel that you need some mouth-freshener, or your dress makes you sweat, and you’ll love some deodorant. Make an emergency bridal kit and add everything you think might go wrong on this special day. Trust us when we tell you it is bound to come handy.

Bridal Lingerie –

You need to buy lingerie, especially for this purpose. It will make your wedding dress look even more beautiful. Bridal lingerie is crucial for an excellent honeymoon as well. So, spend some time online or offline to choose what you need.

Bridal Garter –

Yes, it is an age-old tradition, but it adds exceptional beauty to the bride. The fun tradition which can sit perfectly on your thigh can also work as your something old or borrowed (borrow it from your mother or maid of honour). Garters for brides are always sold in pairs – one for throwing and one to keep safe.

Bridal Shoes –

It is the best reason to splurge. A pair of designer wedding shoes will look phenomenal on this occasion. There is an endless number of choices here. Thus, make sure you have plenty of time in hand before you make this decision.

Wedding Ceremony Décor –

Wedding signs are essential to help your guests understand in which direction they should proceed. Your directions should include –

Ceremony direction signs

Parking signs

Directions towards the reception

Restroom signs

Buy all the necessary equipment to handle this.

Wedding Welcome Sign –

If you are not buying a welcome sign for your wedding, then get hold of every DIY material to make one.

Wedding Aisle Décor –

A little thought and planning will transform the look of your wedding. Make the most of the beautiful decorations that are in sync with the theme of your wedding. It can be used to decorate the chairs.

Other things you will need to buy –

Ring bearer pillow

Ring Box


Flower basket

Rose petals

Place card holders

Table numbers

Seating chart

Your wedding day is the most exclusive and awaited day of your life. An unforgettable wedding ceremony can only happen if you plan it and deal with all that you need in time.