Six Ways to Wear Leopard Print

The bold pattern of leopard print can be traced back as far as Napoleon, with troops donning leopard skin saddle covers and trimming in their helmets. In African culture, it was and continues to be used as a symbol of power. As an attention-grabbing material, leopard print is also associated with Hollywood glamour that goes beyond the Flintstones.

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What Makes It So Special?

Leopard print is utterly trendy, cutting-edge and contemporary. If Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, can wear leopard print and look classy, why can’t you?

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Throughout history, it has been a symbol of power, wealth and glamour. While it is intrinsically linked to the pelt of the most gorgeous cat, it remains the fashion industry’s most intriguing print.

Six Different Looks with Leopard Print

1. UK viewers saw presenter Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain recently on the International Day of Happiness with a leopard print top and black leather skirt. If you thought a 48-year-old woman cannot pull it off, you should reconsider as she rounded the look with tan high-heels and looked hot and fashionable.

2. A stunning look is flowing leopard print maxi dresses combined with a short tight-fitting black leather jacket and black high-heeled boots. Obviously, any other material is suitable if leather doesn’t appeal to you, but leather and leopard suit one another.

3. Fans of Kylie Minogue, who at age 50 looks like a twenty-something, is someone who proudly wears her leopard print. In her own words, she says she goes “from drab to fab” when she wears this print. Her favourites are maxi dresses and black one-piece suits with a long flowing leopard skin jacket and high heels.

4. If you are a woman who prefers a touch of leopard print, opt for something like AX Paris maxi dresses in a solid colour and complement with a leopard print bag and shoes.

5. Nothing emphasises your confidence as much as wearing a sexy leopard skin swimming costume or bikini. Wear a see-through lace throw over it either in white or black.

6. Do not skimp on a leopard print faux fur coat for chilly UK weather. Look instantaneously glamorous by pairing it with denim jeans, a black turtleneck top and black ankle boots. Finish your look with a black biker boy hat.