Permanent or Temporary Tattoos

Many people like expressing their art through tattoos, but it is important to consider the risks that come with permanently inking your skin. You can weigh the risks of a permanent tattoo against the option of printing a temporary tattoo like using a temporary tattoo paper.

Risks of permanent tattoo

When having a permanent tattoo, you use a needle to inject ink in the skin. Besides being painful, permanent tattoos pose the following risks

  • Scars
  • Inflamed or irritated skin
  • Allergic reaction to the tattooing ink
  • Small lumps that may form around the tattoos
  • Serious infections like hepatitis and HIV that can be transmitted when you use a non-sterile tattoo needle.

The permanent tattoos can also come with risks of long-term complications like one can be unable to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, or they may develop complications from the scan.

Another downside is that you cannot change or remove the tattoo for the rest of your life. When it reaches a point when you change your mind about the drawing you made, or you choose to do away with the tattoo for good, it can be a challenge. You can remove the tattoo but it is too painful and very expensive. When removing permanent tattoos, the result may not be too clear and it may leave a scar.

Making the Decision to Tattoo

You can still go ahead and have a tattoo; whether to print permanent tattoos or to print temporary tattoos but ensure that you are safe and smart with the choice you make. You can consider a temporary tattoo if you:

  • Are not sure if you will always love to have a tattoo
  • Can’t afford to settle the expense of removing a tattoo later
  • Are not sure you will want to have the same tattoo forever
  • See the risks of a permanent tattoo to be too risky
  • Show signs of allergic reactions to the tattooing ink