5 Tips to Safe Online Shopping

The internet has created a platform where almost anything is possible. In the World Wide Web there is anything you will need to look in to. Today, more is done online than in the physical. Money is exchanged online, a plane ticket from Tokyo to Washington can easily be booked from the comfort of your seat in Cape Town. The convenience that the internet has created is on another level.

Due to this, shopping has become an everyday thing for almost every one. It can be done right from the comfort of your home. Thousands of companies like FN shopnow have opened their doors online for shopping to the masses. It does not matter your geographical location. All you need is a computer and access to the internet and you can shop as much as your wallet allows you to.

This however, like everything else in life, comes with its downside. The same internet has enabled hackers to steal online. It is never 100% secure if you are doing your shopping online unless you look in to some measures.

Computer security– This cannot be more emphasized. Your computer should at all times be secured with an up to date antivirus installed. This will help keep hackers’ viruses at bay.

Be familiar with the return policy– Read it through and know their return policy. With online shopping you only get to see the product after purchasing. Therefore, you need to know if that particular store has a return policy and how they go about it in the event that that the product isn’t what you expected.

Always shop from home– Restaurants, airports and other public places that offer free internet are not the best places to do your shopping.  These are open networks and are easy targets for hackers. Only shop from your secure home network.

Stick to one shopping site– Pop ups on your computer during shopping are common. Do not click on them while still shopping. They may be malware or fake sites from identity thieves who look to steal your credit card information.

Log out– Endeavor to always keep the sites you logged into logged out.

It all boils down to how secure your computer is and you being careful. Otherwise online shopping is super convenient and enjoyable.