5 summer fashion trends for 2019


As we know that 2019 has come with all of its new trends and styles. Summer is about to come and we all are eager to looking forward towards new fashion trends. Here are 5 innovative trends which are expected to follow in this year during summer season:

Bike shorts with blazers:

This look is both striking and chic. Although it is not appropriate to wear in office or any other workplace even at gym, the outfit is perfect attending Sunday brunch with your best friends. Do try it for yourself.

Big love for big bags:

No doubt, there is still obsession for mini-bags; the runway also had a move in a counter-direction. At Jacquemus, an oversized bag that rivaled only the brand’s larger-than-life appeared. This has become a latest fashion trend this year.

Boiler suits:

It is originally designed as one piece protective dress for manual labor. Boiler suits are as fashionable as they are functional. Boiler suits and jumpsuits have taken over Instagram feeds and the runways. In order to look stylish, just pick the cut and color that suits you best. These are available in different variety of fantastic styles.

Bucket hats:

After four years of total absence, finally bucket hats return to be one of the latest fashion trends. These casual hats are perfect for weekend ensembles providing both sun protection and style. Whether they are plain, printed or featuring a logo, they add an on-trend edge to any dress. Wear them with overalls, slouchy suits and other.

Patched work:


Since the time the clothes were made and used man uses his imagination to make new fabrics designs. One such example is patched work. It is one of the latest fashion trends. It is creative as well as colorful and look sews outstanding together contrasting piece of fabric to achieve an eye-catching design. In order to rock yourself, allow your patchwork piece to be the focus of your outfit by combining it with simple, block-colored garments.

In order to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, your inspiration should be the world’s top street styles stars. Every season, these stylish ladies debut the greatest fashion looks. Every woman wants her body fit so that she would look stunning in every dress. In order to make your body ideal, breasts play an important part.  The size, shape and proportion of a woman’s breasts can affect her femininity and even her sense of physical balance. Most of the women do not have their breasts augmented and give their body an odd look. In order to make your breasts augmented you should contact breast augmentation NYC. Dr. Nina S, Naidu and her whole staff is committed to provide women and around NYC with the highest quality of care possible.


The bottom line:

From Paris to London, and New York, every fashion week from the month featured outstanding outfits and lust-worthy looks. The above were some tp trends for you to add them in your shopping list.