Tips to survive a natural disaster

Natural disasters have stricken and will continue to strike, we should hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Here are some tips that will help you stay alive throughout the disaster period.

1. During flooding, have an axe and life preservers somewhere near. You should ensure you stash life preservers and an axe in the attic or the top most story of your house. Remember the Hurricane Katrina, many victims were people who stayed in their homes and were trapped with the rising levels of water that trapped them with the roofs. Could they have something to break through the roof the water could have found an outlet and more people could have survived. Investing in these items now could save your life later.

2. For the possibility of flooding, have an axe and life preservers available. Stash an axe and life preservers in the upper story, or attic, of your home. Remember, most of the drowning victims of Hurricane Katrina were people who stayed in their homes and found themselves trapped by rising waters with no place to go. Many drowned in their attics, unable to break through the roof to the outside. A few bucks spent on these items ahead of time could save your life!

3. Assemble a 72-Hour Grab-and-Run Kit. Every family needs to have at least one Grab-and-Run kit. With this kit, you can grab it and throw in the car in a moment’s notice or carried in the back. You can make your own at home when you have a military bag back, Notfallrucksack, which are meant for outdoors so they can withstand the harshest conditions that you may face and their size allow enough space for the basics you need to tag along.
With simple precautions, you can survive any crisis that may strike announced or un-announced.