Choosing Hair Extensions for the Party Season


Thick, full and healthy-looking hair will never go out of fashion. Unfortunately, this kind of beautiful hair cannot be achieved by everyone, and very few people can naturally have supermodel-esque hair without a little extra support. Luckily, that support is readily available if you choose to add extensions or hairpieces to your natural hair:If you want to add fullness and volume to your hair then choosing extensions and hairpieces are the easiest ways to do so.

The party season is fast approaching, and more women than ever will choose to add hair extensions or hair pieces to their natural hair in order to help it look its best when they’re getting dressed up. Temporary hair extensions are the perfect choice for these occasions: they can be clipped in and then taken back out again to suit your unique needs, and will instantly make your hair look longer and fuller than every before. Thinking of choosing new hair extensions for the party season? Here’s everything you need to know:

Why Choose Temporary Hair Extensions

Temporary hair extensions are a great choice for occasional wear and parties, because you don’t have to maintain long and elaborate hair in the long term. You can embrace mega length for a night or two, then return to your usual hair the following day, throwing it in a simply ponytail to run errands or hit the gym. Enhancing your hair with hair extensions doesn’t have to be time consuming if you choose clip in, temporary versions. These can be added to your hair in minutes, and they are also easy to style and just as easy to remove too.

Another main benefit of choosing temporary hair extensions is that they won’t damage your natural hair in the same way that long term extensions can. Because they are not permanently glued or stitched into your hair, they won’t cause any damage to your hair when they are removed. Many women who wear permanent hair extensions find that their hair is much thinner (or even that they are left with unsightly bald patches) once the extensions have been removed. You won’t have these same problems with temporary extensions, which will cause no more damage to your hair than a bobby pin of hair elastic.

Choosing Between Synthetic and Natural Hair Extensions

One of the first questions most people ask when they consider investing in hair extensions is whether they should choose synthetic or natural hair extensions. This will largely depend on your budget: synthetic hair extensions are considerably more affordable than their human hair counterparts. However human hair extensions will both look and feel much more natural than their synthetic rivals. If you have the funds available then most hair extension enthusiasts will always suggest that natural human hair extensions are your best choice.

It’s important to note that whilst the initial cost in investing in your human hair extensions may be high,  their cost per wear value will actually make them incredibly affordable. Because you can clip these in yourself, you won’t need to visit your hairdresser to make your hair look incredibly every time you have a big night out planned. You can transform the length and texture of your hair from the comfort of your own bedroom, and in just a few minutes.

Christmas Party Ready

Long and straight hair (a la the Kardashians) is one of this season’s hottest party hair trends. Clipping in your own hair extensions is one the easiest ways to achieve this hot and fashion-forward look with very minimal effort required. Your hair is your crowning glory and one of the first things that people will notice about you when you’re dressed up and ready to hit the town. If you have to decide between investing in new hair or a new dress, we believe that new hair is always the best option you can choose. After all, people are going to instantly notice if you’ve gone from having short hair to long hair in a way that they might never notice if you’ve switched from a black business dress to a red evening dress.

It doesn’t matter what length your natural hair is, or what condition it’s in. The right hair pieces and hair extensions will help you to completely revolutionize your look, and make this year’s Christmas party your best one ever.