Brazilian Butt lift Gone Wrong

The Brazilian Butt lift is today one of the most popular and trendiest procedures in surgical beauty. It is a butt augmentation procedure that transfers fat by using liposuction from the areas of the body such as the tummy or thighs to the butt by reinjecting it and sculpting for a fuller more toned look. The procedure is quite complicated due to its invasive nature in the body. The procedure needs a lot of technique especially that important veins are involved, sterile instruments, and expert surgeon which is why there are many complications and risk especially when it is not done properly or correctly.

Procedures that Went Horribly Bad

No one can resist having the perfect body which is why most individuals go on to extra lengths just to achieve it. They do not consider checking the complication it may cause or of their body is ready for it. Below are some of the worst outcomes of the famous Brazilian Butt Lift.

  • Death

In Miami, Florida, a mother of two dies in the clinic after the procedure. The woman, 21 years of age, went to Encore Plastic Surgery to have the famous procedure done. Fat would be transferred to her buttocks to plump it up. She was immediately rushed to E.R. after the procedure when her organs failed. She died after fat clots blocked her arteries.

Another case, also in Miami, Florida when a 51-year-old woman went to undergo the procedure. She hired a dermatologist, which was allowed in that state that any doctor could perform cosmetic surgery, instead of a surgeon to do the said procedure. She, later on, died after the procedure when the fats that were injected to her buttocks allowed the fatty matter to enter in her bloodstream which caused lung embolism and resulted to her death.

  • Negative Reaction to the Surgery

There is a case in which the body reacts negatively to the injection that was made such is the case of a woman. She went to a clinic to have the procedure done and felt ill afterward. She opted for another opinion and was, later on, told she would be disfigured as not only the injected ones would be needed to remove but also the tissues surrounding it as well.

  • Infection

Possible infections such as what happened to a woman when the procedure that was made with her became infected. As a result, she had lumpy and unattractive behind. She then went on to undergo countless procedures to repair it but failed. She ended stuck with the final outcome which was a disproportionate backside.


It is important to consider what are the proper ways to have the procedure in order to prevent disastrous outcomes. There are many ways to prevent these horribly bad cases such as:

  • Identify Health Problems

Before under going the procedure, make sure that there are no serious health issues or illness in your body such as heart failures, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Make sure to inform the physician of these problems in order for them to know how to approach and handle it and if they would still need to continue on doing the procedure.

  • Choose the Right Surgeon

This is also very important to consider as they would be the one to the procedure. Make sure that the surgeon has many experiences and is certified. Having a well trained surgeon would result to proper handling of the procedure and would know what to do in case something goes wrong.

  • Avoid illegal Procedures

Some individuals opt to find cheap procedures and thus disregarding any complications that may occur. Illegal injections or the one found in the black market can be fake and thus harm the body.

  • Recovery

Lastly, allow yourself to recover after the procedure and follow the instructions told by the physician. Avoid doing what is not allowed to ensure fast and safe recovery.