8 Tips for Online Diamond Buying

There is so much more choice these days in where to buy your diamond jewellery. Whilst some consumers prefer the physical retail jewellery store, others are happy to buy online from their smart phone or tablet. Here are some useful tips for buying online.

  1. Research

As you would with any large purchase, make sure you begin by spending time researching and learning about what’s available and what your options are. Learn about the 4Cs of diamond quality and which one is most important to you. This knowledge and an awareness of your budget should make choosing the right diamond a much easier process.

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  1. Be Specific

Know what you’re looking for before you start looking. This will help you to know exactly what you are buying. Some sites might show a range of the 4Cs to describe the diamond but if you want to know the exact value of what you’re purchasing, you need to look for the specific 4Cs of a stone and not a range. To Buy Diamond Rings Online, visit https://www.comparethediamond.com/


  1. Grading Report

Ideally, you should be looking for a diamond that comes with an independent grading report. The GIA is one organisation that provides independent analysis of a diamond’s 4Cs. Getting an objective report from a third party is very important.

  1. Inscription

Some diamonds have their grading report number inscribed on them with a laser. If this hasn’t been done, insist on it before completion of the sale. It will also help you to feel confident that the diamond you receive matches the independent report issued for it. The inscription can only be seen under x10 magnification, so it’s tiny and invisible to the naked eye.

  1. Research the seller

It is worth taking the time to run a few checks on a seller once you’ve found a diamond that ticks all the boxes. Find out how long the company has been trading for, does it belong to recognised trade associations, are transactions secure, what is their returns policy and what are the company reviews like. When using an auction site, look at buyer feedback and comments.

  1. Payment

Find out how the company accepts payment and if it’s secure and trustworthy. Choosing a credit card to make your purchase can give you more options for recourse should there be a problem with the order. Any other payment options leave you with limited recourse.

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  1. Appraisal

Once in possession of your prized gem, have it independently appraised to confirm that it does match the paperwork and description by the seller. This is also necessary for insurances purposes.

  1. Always try to see the diamond

Nothing beats the convenience of online shopping, particularly for comparing, researching and narrowing down options. However, if an online seller does have a store, you should always try to see a diamond before you buy. Sometimes a description and photograph don’t do a diamond justice. Also, a stone can look very different from another one even with an identical grading report.