Ways to resolve conflicts in a relationship

Throwing tantrums, calling each other names and competing who has the loudest voice does not solve anything, in fact, it worsens it to the verge of a break up. All relationships have issues, but the way that we handle the issues matters a lot. Find ways you can work out your issues

Stop as soon as you sense trouble

One word can make you tell that all is not okay. The next word coming from your mouth will either our out the fire or make it bigger. Once you sense trouble, go silent or divert from the topic especially if you are in front of your kids, then find some good time and space where you will the issue and solve it amicably.

Ask questions and listen

This in simple means ask for clarification. Making conclusions is very unhealthy because you can easiliy misquote your partners remarks yet they may have a different meaning. Clarify what they mean so that you be on the same page of your argument

Establish the source of your issue

Something always has one root cause or more. Find out the cause of a certain behavior and treat that. What causes him to come home late? Could it be a lot of work or because of how bad you treat him after a tiresome day? What makes her refuse having sex with you? Could it be because you don’t fulfill her needs well? If this is the case, as it with many relationships, read here for a solution.

Control you emotions and your voice

This is the toughest part that may seem so hard when solving an issue in a relationship but it matters a lot. When conversing over an argument, we would want to roll our eyes, shake the head and scream at our partners the loudest we can. This only triggers anger that may end up into a physical fight. Take it slow and maintain your cool. If this seems impossible at that moment keep quiet until you cool down a little.