Leadville V3 Shoe: The Review

Whether short or long distance marathon, you need a shoe that will serve you well for the time that you will be on the tracks. You need a shoe that is both comfortable and durable and at the same time light in weight. Not only is the Leadville v3 shoe made for the tracks, but also for the road and light traveling. It is perfectly made for the trail, mountains, off road and other unstable areas.

With this shoe, there is no off road too rough or trail too tough. It is made for endurance in the extreme weather conditions which makes it all so favorable. This shoe has a cushioning that gives cushioning and features that are just ready for the outdoor adventures. The mountains will definitely meet their match in this trail running shoe.

This shoe is not only created for the harsh climate but also to give you to give an easy time while just taking your evening jog outside.

In this V3 review, we’ll look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that have been noted:


-this shoe reportedly dries quickly

-the outsole has the capability to shed off mud

-it can comfortably be worn to the gym or just for walking around town

-it has a light layer in the mid-sole for underfoot comfort

-it is light in weight

-it is sleek for those runners who want some support for their feet


-this shoe is quite expensive and therefore not affordable to many folks

-some runners have reported a lack of arch support

-it has a loose heel

-the upper part of the shoe does not provide a secure and a stable fit

Whether for running or hiking or just strolling around, this shoe will give you good service and will last you long.