Flowers Colors and Their Meaning

The wedding bells are ringing. You have been waiting for this day all your life and it’s just 24 hours away. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach. Everything is perfect but you lack one thing; knowledge of flowers.

You are not sure whether to choose red, blue or purple for your wedding day. Do not worry as this is a trying moment that thousands of women face every day. You will have to order different flower colors depending on the message you want to send to your friends or family.

Red Flowers

What most people do not know is that red does not only represent love but also respect and courage. You can use this for your wedding day to represent the love that you share with your man. Since it’s your wedding day order fresh brisbane flowers 24 hours earlier. Do not worry as they will still be fresh.


If you watched the royal wedding you will notice that there was more purple than red. The lucky guests wore red, yellow and purple. Purple portrays loyalty and success. This is ideal for your wedding to tell the world that you are successful.


The good thing about green is that it symbolizes nature. It’s a color that easily blends with other colors and this makes it ideal for your wedding day. It symbolizes youthfulness and rebirth. The colour of positivity is also green.


During your wedding day there is always some degree of tension where people are afraid that they might be left on the altar. Blue brings this relaxing atmosphere that chases the negativity away. It’s a must have color on your wedding day.


White flowers are perfect to symbolize purity in marriage as well as the peace you will experience in your union. White also blends well in bridal bouquets. We recommend a mixture of white and purple.