How to Make a Simple A-Line Skirt

If you’re fed up of trawling the shops to find perfect clothes, you should think about making them yourself. It might sound daunting, but it can be surprisingly easy. Why not start it off in a simple way by making your own A-line skirt?

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Where to Start

Picking your fabric is where you can be creative and choose a pattern that you might not have been able to find in the shops. Be brave and choose something that reflects your personality. Trace around one of your best-fitting skirts on to the fabric, but leave around an inch for the seams.

Cutting the Fabric

Next you need to cut the fabric into two pieces. Then take one piece, fold it over and cut in two again. This is where the zip will go. Place the two halves face down and mark where the bottom of your zip will come to. Pin the bottom of the seam together before ironing it open.

Sewing the Zip

Next, pin the zip in place face down to keep it secure. If your sewing machine has a zipper foot, use that to make it easier to sew it into place. If not, don’t worry: you can still sew as normal. Your zip should now be stuck in place securely.

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Matching Up the Skirt

Take your larger piece (the one without the zip) and lie it face up. Then place your zip piece face down on top of it. Pin and then sew the sides together, but leave around an inch space for the seam.

Making the Waistband

You will need to sew a double hem to create the waistband. Simply fold over the fabric at the top of the skirt twice. Once you have done this, try the skirt on to check the length. If you are happy with it, then double-hem the bottom by pinning and sewing in place.

Final Step

Turn the skirt inside out and check for loose threads before ironing. That’s it!


Try online retailers such as to check out a range of fabrics. The floral cotton poplin fabric would be perfect for an A-line skirt. If you’re ready for more, you could try making others styles to add to your handmade skirt selection.

As you can see, it’s quite easy. Now, what to make next?