How I’ve Decided to Be a LuLaRoe Consultant?

I have been proactive lately as part of the LuLaRoe consultants team since 2013. Time indeed flies so fast, who would think that 3 years have already passed. I am still at it doing those work of sharing what I’ve learned with the newest faces at LuLaRoe at of course still on business selling high-value RTW products. Hearing those, allow me to share with you some interesting details why I’ve decided to join LuLaRoe Consultants.

It seems actually that I was doomed to be one of the

I have the luxury of graduating with a background in business administration. My first job involves with the business operations. Human resources, logistics, named them all I was able to excel either being transferred or promoted from one department to another. There is only one department that made my life harder, and that is those work involving sales. It wasn’t that I am not that good in sales, but I myself was afraid in terms of looking for prospects of perhaps being unable to find prospects or have a sale at least.

Making a bold move to face my fears

And then, things have changed. I have decided to move forward and move to the big city, which in turn provide me with the opportunity to shift my career from being a regular office job into being a man involved in real estate as a salesperson. So I’ve trained, I started from scratch and established myself as a sales guy. Now to cut the story short, I have conquered my fear and at the same time, I was able to learn how to shift my weakness into my strength. After that, I have decided that it’s about time for me to succeed and established my own business. Armed with the knowledge in sales and few savings I had. I carefully study the best options and market that I should consider, and the rest was history that I ended up investing at LuLaRoe consultants availed their business packaged, learned the latest marketing and sales strategies and I became one of the companies top consultant marketing my own business.