Working famous story of transportation

If you are feeling a bit tired and jaded, why not have a laugh with some stories hauling jobs.

Believe it or not – this is all true!

The grand tour

Mal shipping clerk sitting at his desk trying to explain to angry customers why given imported Italian Trailer burden remains important to Dover 3 days after arrival without a tractor to deliver this unit. The driver was completely lost when they reach the UK and today there are serious concerns for his safety.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. That’s Italian driver said he was in the area of ​​the lake and enjoy a few days of sightseeing before returning to Dover to pick up and deliver trailers. Cue phone only very hasty sudden large Anglo-Saxon!

Forklift Trick

A flat surface of 12 meters and contains a palette and then I got stuck in a warehouse loading and unloading.

New forklift driver with experience working decides to reduce drag and fraud, he would take the weight of the platform and asked the driver to pull forward. He calls helped lift several inches or more pallets Trailers – or rather thought to lead …

Action was stopped posting and made a truck ahead, despite sounding frantic calls to the driver, he began to get a forklift with him. After reaching about 45 degrees forklift driver decided understood “abandon ship” and luckily avoided injury as a forklift eventually merged and fall. Who says it is impossible forklift investment?

Thank you for a meal

A transport company working for big clients ask for them, in a very short time, to send someone to supervise the loading trailers in your area. As usual, no one was available to students will be sent only to ‘fly the flag’. He was told to monitor the load and also to take delivery of a client manager called John for lunch. Upon arrival, he met a man in a suit with a trailer and say “Hi John you have to.” After shaking hands, taking John to the local pub for lunch liberal.

When he returned to his office, the manager angrily demanded to know where she was when she had complaints “John” never appears. You guessed it – after much confusion, shouting and recriminations, it turns out he got ‘John’. It is, in fact, someone was taken to lunch actually work for another company that will occur at the loading dock to come!

Surprisingly, he was not a woman with free food and beer by foreigners. The moral of this story? Be careful “Johns”!

The need for flexibility

He asked the driver to take a solid 11m long steel tubes weighing several tons. Arriving at the farm, annoyed (to say the least) to see that the tube is actually closer to 14m long and too old to legally transport the vehicle.

He called headquarters, leave him a message and ask for directions.

Text messages helped to change? “You want to?”

That’s the problem now – to understand not only the people in the car to work the importance of flexibility!


Coach has a French company based in transporting huge job to come and become familiar with the operation of the UK. Secretary thinks was sent by the British headquarters of his itinerary requested, said the last sentence: the silence of wonder and confusion arises “Of course it was taken to a local whore house.”. Always willing to be friendly and meet some people began to ponder how he was able to find a property. It was only after some time and some test calls, a man appeared with a bright hope “I think they mean the barn?”

One can not help feeling a little sorry for the confusion seen in advance!

As with all jobs, you sometimes grind the working car. But there are a few laughs and experiences along the way!