Guide to Installing Big Block Chevy Manifolds

Term ‘Big Apple’ associated with the machine. It is actually a series of machines is a major deletion and has developed a few years ago. It should be mounted directly on the vehicle to ensure diversification fine machine. Do not be too hard to install the collector with a big block. Here is a simple guide.

Need a tool

The basic tool like a ratchet, wrench and torque.
Protective equipment such as safety clothing

Material Requirements

Silicone Sealant
Sealant Non-hardening


Step 1:

Must be checked and make sure it is properly sealed each board. If you require sealing bolt, then it is better to close quickly. Port authorities and water should be given special attention.

If the cover is the engine block or head, then they could be lower. If the cork or rubber gaskets are present in use, then the block will not be fixed firmly to the collector. To make a tight connection, it is appropriate to use silicon.

Step 2:

Now, to be installed collector. Make sure that all is well in the oil splash guard. When you are satisfied with the lower area of ​​the collector. Ensure that appropriate assistance is available for miscellaneous bolt holes line up. There are some adjustments to be carried out to align the holes.

Step 3:

Emissions can be sealed now. It is important to understand that there are a lot of screws to finally go near the head area. There are currently enough oil. To avoid emissions, it is best to use a non-hardening sealant on the bolts.

Step 4:

Once-tight bolts and manifold blocks, it is important to understand the tightening and loosening of structures required. Some may be different, but to loosen and tighten many and few blocks from downtown and go out.

Step 5:

It is important to make sure that every bolt tightened with the same torque with a wrench. But each screw is not accessible to a torque wrench. In this case, use the stopcock.

Step 6:

This task requires working with larger vehicles and parts, usually means that it is important to follow safety precautions. Should also be aware of the security measures will contribute to this task to install the collector.

Tips and Measures

Safety should be the highest priority at all times. Once the weight is diversification position, following some precautions. Caution should also be exercised when silicon is used as a sealant.
This is the process to do the job in a DIY style, it is useful to keep a good amount of money fines.