Guide to improving Ban

It is the duty of the car owner to regularly check tire pressure and add a monthly or weekly basis. No one can tell just by looking or kicking the tires if necessary.

Here is a simple guide for pumping tires. Follow the instructions.

Need a tool

Gas Station or Garage with water pressure
Tire pressure indicator


Step 1:

Go to a gas station or garage with the equipment and air pressure gauges.

Step 2:

Vehicles must be parked in the street so that the pipe will be easier to get to each wheel.

Step 3:

Never check the vehicle Instruction tire pressure. A label is placed on the driver’s side door, in a drawer or on the truck.

Step 4:

Open the plastic cover is present in the air valve. Put it in your pocket or in a safe place so that it can not be wrong.

Step 5:

Now check the pressure, you can use your own tire pressure gauge you or available at the gas station. Press firmly sticking metering valve. If you hear a sound you like, then it means that it has been leaked, so more pressing.

Step 6:

Now add water while squeezing the lever on the end of the hose, press the pump hose to the valve.

Step 7:

Use the measuring tool to check the pressure. Use the hose to the pump and.

Step 8:

Deflate the tires if not accidentally get too full. Press a small needle into the center of the valve to let out. A pen or a nail will also work.

Tips and Measures

If you select any control tire air, and then ask the tire shop for any release.
Do not forget to check your spare and add if necessary.
A pressure gauge of good quality tires should be stored in a drawer.
Observe the sidewall of the tire to determine the details of air.
To get the proper air pressure is important to use a tire pressure gauge.
If monthly to check tire pressure, tires are good stores to ensure that the pump pressure.