Wash the radiator Users

It acts as a cooling system of the car radiator. Should not be cleaned and should be no obstacle to the effective work. Drivers often ignore the radiator until something bad happens, it causes problems for the radiator is the most common cause of injury.

Here is a guide on how to clean a car radiator, simple and easy to follow instructions.


Vehicles must be parked on a level surface with the engine shut off and switch heating. The machine should shut down to protect from splashes.

Two. Remove the radiator car. Opening the valve at the bottom of the radiator to allow water to drain. You must remove the hose from the radiator top and bottom.

Three. Hoses should be checked. Replace if wet or break.

April. Not to be inspected Old emerge from the radiator fluid. If you are cleaning properly and rust stained, require special washing system.

May. Should be placed over the radiator and let it shine intestine gently for several hours until the water runs clear.

6. Hose to be attached to the radiator and reverse flush outlet. Then she blushed again from the beginning.

7. Remove the deposits by washing the engine cooling jacket.

8. Use cans for a very dirty radiator flush.

9. Radiator cap when washing is complete, reconnect the hose and fill the radiator with coolant.

10. Check the condition of the radiator cap before replacing it. Put the cap again if old and rusty.

11. Start the engine and let it run while being tested for release.

12. Test to see if the cooling system is working properly.

13. Once the machine to relax, check the coolant level to see if you still need to fill.

More information

Over time, the mud deposits can build up in the radiator causing less cooling efficiency and lifetime. Mold wall can block the radiator fins causing rusty water pump to operate because it exceeds the limits as prone to failure.


If the radiator leak, the best option is to take it to a mechanic for repairs or get an exchange unit.
A perfect be flushed radiator and cooling system after every six months. This will help prevent clogging
If the radiator is leaking, the leak sealer can buy. Put it in the fridge, if only a temporary measure for small emissions.
There should be no sealing radiator inspected and cleaned regularly go.

This simple DIY radiator repair cost savings that may occur in the future. Just go to a local store and pick up some useful tools.