Making a hovercraft

The hovercraft considered a magic vehicle that can travel through almost any surface before. They can move in the water and on land. The transition from water to land with ease hovercraft. If you’ve ever felt making a hovercraft for yourself, here we will discuss some simple steps that will help you fulfill your desire to create your own hovercraft. The work is easy, but you have to work in a more systematic way to do their practical work.

Products that require

You need the following items before you start working on it:

Duct Tape
Hole Saw
Cardboard – cardboard can be square, rectangular or round. Should be 2 to 4 Jun feetx4 dimensional feetx3 / 4 inch.


Take cardboard and with the help of a saw to make a hole about two inches radius at one end of the cardboard. Note that the final size is larger than the punch.

Two. Get factory plastic and cover one end of the table with the help of a plastic factory. Once you’re done with a board covered with plastic, plastic clip board with the help of a staple gun.

Three. Seal the edges of the plate with the help of tape, ensuring that no air will pass through it. It must be airtight.

April. Get factory plastic and use a knife to cut a circle of 6, each circle should be 4 inches in size.

May. Now you can sit in the center of the board. Using the fan is in a hole that you left open. Plastic air blowers will continue to increase and also acts as a blockage of the air holes. Air blower continues to blow air into the hole, block quote is out.

6. Almost done their homework. Now ask your partner or a friend to move the board with maximum strength. Here is is in motion. More fun is not only for you but also for your friends.


Make sure to use a plastic bottom will increase over time if there is no damage or wear.

It is a few steps with the help of which you can make a hovercraft at home without help from others. It is a simple step and the elements used are the most common household items. You have to go buy something to make a hovercraft.