Changing vehicle cooling

Antifreeze or coolants car keep the engine temperature under control. The coolant is integral with the temperature of the engine can not be controlled. High temperatures can cause serious damage to the engine and damaged. It is important to change the coolant twice a year to prevent rust and corrosion. Old coolant becomes contaminated over time and can cause a cooling block and radiator parts and damage joints and seals. This will result in overheating and leakage. Prevent sediment accumulation of refrigerant in the cooling system that ensures a continuous flow of coolant.

Here are some steps that will help you change the coolant for the proper functioning of the machine for a long time.

Products requiring

The following items necessary to replace the coolant in your vehicle:

Drain Pan
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Park the car and apply the hand brakes. Open the front hood or engine. Make sure the engine is cold, you may otherwise have to burn your hands.

Two. Remove the radiator cap and check the coolant with the help of his fingers a little dirt. If you feel something solid between the toes means there are some contaminants in the coolant and you are prompted to replace or flush.

Three. Also check the radiator hoses and clamps for emissions and the possibility of corrosion.

April. Below the radiator drain valve.

May. Take the drain pan and place under the drain valve and open the drain valve to drain the coolant from the cooling system.

6. Taking of the drain pan below the drain valve, cooling and then dried.

7. Get a garden hose and put it in the radiator. Spraying water into the radiator until the water started coming out of the valve.

8. Wait a while to let the water out completely. Replace the drain valve tightly.

9. Take the same amount of water and air and fill the cooling system to the required mark.

10. Replace the radiator cap and start the machine. Let stand for several hours until the thermostat is turned on.

11. Again check the coolant level in the reservoir and adding coolant from the cooling system if required. Be sure not to charge more than the required level.

Hints and Tips

Agents of coolant or antifreeze can damage the paint on your car so clean it as soon as possible to the body.
It is recommended to change the fluid twice a year for better system cooling.
Keep the cooler out of the reach of children. It may harm them.

Changing the coolant and radiator flush is not a difficult task. But it is important to consider the instructions and the vehicle to help prevent injury to you and your vehicle.