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Shocks and dampers are two commonly used names for the same device. It is a mechanical device used to prepare the sudden shock pulse. Shocks only oil pump. Piston is an important part of the device. As the oscillation begins, the hydraulic fluid is pressed through a hole (hole pointer) to the piston. Slowing the piston and spring and suspension movement slow to change.

Sensitive hydraulic dampers accelerate device is part of all modern vehicles. It offers a lot of resistance as the suspension faster. With the introduction of these devices, shock absorbers decelerate swing, bounce, and half of the dive and acceleration squat.

Design of different (types of) Shocks

Some of the most common types used are:

Mono Tube Shocks
Bitubo Shocks

> Gas Charged Twin Tube

> The position sensitive damping (PSD) double tube

> Acceleration sensitive damping (ASD) double tube

Buffer only
Shock Absorber

> Mono Tube Damper

> Twin Tube Damper

> Low Pressure Gas Filled Twin Tube Damper

> High Pressure Gas Master Mono Tube Damper

> De-reduction

The spring damper

General Properties Shocks

Some common characteristics of the shock absorbers are:

Many modern cars are made of sintered metal shock. It is a strong metal, which provides the durability and lifespan of the shocks.

Two. Shock observer contains a special seal that prevents fluid in and out all the dirt.

Three. Cylinders are mostly made of flat metal welded seam.

April. Velocity sensitive shocks are commonly used in modern vehicles, which helps to better combat the errors.

Check the shocks must be replaced

Every time oscillation hole, car damping or up and down motion generated by a spring. If your car continues to rise suggests that the shocks are better able to absorb shocks. Shocks make the trip was not only safe, but also gives excellent control over the car. Pillows are not only dangerous, but also make the trip uncomfortable. It is important to keep the shocks so that more people can take your car and do not want to mess. Therefore, the three simple steps to try to evaluate the condition of your shocks:

Keep the car bumper corner
Apply downward force as

Follow the defense motion. If moving up and down will be lost again. If you want more Rock, this means that you have to replace the shocks. Apply the same procedure for all the remaining three corners.

There are several other requirements, you have to remember about shocks maintenance.

Any signs of dents on the body shock
Sugar bush with superior
A small hole in the piston rod (piston rod without seeds)
Status of Irregular Tire