Practical driving test DSA Show Me Tell Me – Part 1

After passing the driving theory test you can then apply to take the practical driving test. Driving part of the test takes about 40 minutes. Throughout the test, the examiner will look for the general safety standard of driving, including when you are doing exercise set. Show me tell me questions are a part of your practical driving test.

DSA practice exam questions intended to test your knowledge about the safety and maintenance of the car. In this case “shows tell me” / section “show me tell me” you will be asked to show the examiner how to check the brake fluid levels, lights, direction indicators, etc. ” : show “type question is for demonstrating knowledge of the matter proposed by examiner. “Tell” is a verb form of the question. Though answering incorrectly for 2-3 questions will not disappoint you in the practical driving test, there will be small errors. 16 or more minor driving faults, serious or dangerous foul or cause a failure of the test.

Here are some facts tell me questions you can ask your practical test:

Engine coolant:
Open the bonnet, identify where you check the engine coolant level and tell me how you would check the engine has the correct level.

A:. Brand Identify high / low level header tank (if any) or radiator filler cap, and describe how to top up the level.

2) Engine oil:

Q: Open the bonnet, identify where you check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil.

Identify dipstick indicator / oil explains how to check the oil level against the minimum / maximum markers.
liquid water:
Identify where the windscreen washer reservoir is and tell me how you check the windshield washer.
Identify reservoir and level of inspection. Check the manual for your car to see how.
Brake lights:
Tell me how to check that the brake lights are working on this car.
Use the brake pedal, make use of any reflections in windows, garage doors, etc, or ask someone for help.
Tell me how you would check that the brakes are working before starting the journey.
Brakes should not feel spongy or slack. Brakes should be tested as you set off. Vehicle should not pull to one side.
Tire pressure:
Tell me where to find the information of recommended pressure for your car and how to check tire pressure.
Manufacturers, use a reliable pressure gauge, check and adjust the pressure when the tires are cold, do not forget spare tire, remember to refit the cap amount.

All examiners are trained to carry out tests with the same rules, they do not have pass or fail quotas. As long as you show you are usually required to pass the driving test.

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