Guide to Calculating MPG

This term means that the miles per gallon MPG. While continuing rise in gas prices, fuel efficiency becomes a more serious problem. When MPG know, there are many useful things that you can do some things that are useful to calculate the effect of the increase in the cost of gas on a budget or how a car with better MPG reduces the cost per month.

The only element necessary for calculating MPG is a pencil, paper and calculator. Following these simple steps and simple to calculate miles per gallon or MPG:


A pencil and paper will be on hand when someone is in a gas or fuel pump. Now start filling the tank.

Two. Collect information and record the distance traveled by the number of gallons and the current odometer reading. Have to repeat this process several times to get a good average when you visit a gas station.

Three. Now use the calculator, the second odometer reading must be subtracted from the first reading and the results show that the number of miles driven since the last time you visited a gas or gasoline. This number is used in the next step.

April. After a mile of this trip is calculated, simply divide the number of gallons used to fill the tank. The result calculated is the average MPG car. As the steps that must be counted several times to get a better average stated above.

Helpful Tips

To determine the impact on the budget due to changes in gas prices, the number of miles you expect there to be used for driving in a week or a month or a year.
Divide this number by the MPG. Then multiply the answer with the price of gas per gallon. Only by calculating different levels, easily recognizable by an amount greater or less than the value of a person is required to pay each week or month, or even years.
The MPG is also useful to experiment with ways to improve fuel efficiency. For example, if the vehicle is driven at an average speed of 70 miles per hour, the MPG is calculated and then try to drive at an average speed of 55 mph and again calculate MPG. Can be seen rising.
The higher the MPG will be, a better car. In addition, this car is filled at a cheaper price.
If you want to calculate the average cost per gallon, then just divide the total money spent by the number of gallons of carloads.


Mileage may vary with different patterns of driving, braking and acceleration are more likely to produce better mileage. The more mileage you can see when traveling to pick up.
When filling the gas, do not use the phone.
It’s best to be a simple task and there are some great tools to calculate and track MPG if someone wanted too.