The best place to walk in

Sometimes the best place to trip over is that it has no intention of setting foot in. For example, when you are out on the streets or peruse the mall you can see or smell something that catches your eye and just follow suit. So what attracted Store? Is the window screen, the smell, the front waving signs around, or just shocking?

I am a sucker for anything with a lovely smell. I remember walking by the store after it was pretty clear that their advertising methods. It’s a fudge factory where no viewpoint inhibit and you can clearly see the same make fudge. Of course, the windows open so you can smell it from miles away. Flocks of people crowd the left and right, including its truth. Needless to say I did not go there empty handed and is now one of my favorite places to frequent.

Salvé sick flower in my mind when I think of the places I could not refuse. There is something so pure and fresh walking past Glendale Flowers in the morning when they open their doors. Who does not like the smell, I mean really? Smell the roses, tulips, orchids, carnations and enough to keep you coming back for more. And sorry, because I like my candles, never nahahambing real thing!

Let’s face it, many of us are business buyers, and the right to be. It’s hard to fight the next area with a ridiculously large sign that said “All You Go” or “50% off all”. Never hurts to check out this place, especially during the holiday season. You can get everything you did for this year and next with no intention of making purchases year. You may want to check with your partner before becoming chaotic and buy the whole store!

Architecture is something that has always interested me so when I saw a spectacular building, maybe I’ll sign up too. You never know what things you can see the pure innovation or what you can do to see some light.

So next time you’re out and you can take the time to stop and smell the roses, eat some fudge, or just stumble into the unknown. Most likely it will become a habit that will be fun for you to participate in.