Replacing and Installing a power steering pump pulley

Power steering pulley to improve the performance of your vehicle. If you want to upgrade your car by adding light pulley puller or want to add chrome to add style to your outfit, you need to learn the process of replacing or installing power steering pulley. Installing or replacing the power steering pulley is not a complicated process. It is very simple and easy to handle.


Ratchet, socket and other basic tools


Pulley Remover (power steering)


Hats off and provide support to support the shaft.

Two. Find the screws that hold the power steering pulley for the power steering pump. Remove the screws with the help of a ratchet.

Three. Find key bolt almost next to the power steering pump. Remove the screws with the help of a ratchet.

April. Now is the time to remove the tensioner is located next to the locking bolt. Remove the tensioner as well.

May. With mild to pull the power steering pump belt back into style.

6. Remover with steering pulley and guide pulley jaws around the steering pulley remover screw and pulley center.

7. Keep the ratchet pulley remover or key to enter the power steering pump pulley.

8. Violate the pulley remover and get a pulley from it.

9. Get new pulley and adjust the power steering pump.

10. Get the power steering belt and put it in the power steering pulley.

11. While tightening the tensioner to keep this thing in mind that you do not need a belt deflection more than an inch and a half.

12. You can help ensure deflection head to remain upright against the belt. If the band is too loose to divert more than half an inch and if the change is less than a half inch too narrow. In both cases, you can get damage to the power steering pump. It is easy to adjust the belt deflection.

In the end make sure everything is installed and the perfect place to not loose bolt or lock left behind to prevent serious damage to your vehicle.


Check the power steering belt for clothing and cracked, if you see the power steering belt replace it with a new one.
Use gloves and safety glasses to avoid skin damage.
Before starting your job to make sure that the engine is cold. If the burned hand.
Create a link between all the bolts and lock properly.

You can remove or install an electric power steering pump pulley steering, easy to follow instructions.