Guide to clean the carburetor

A carburetor is a part of the machine. The function is to thoroughly mix the correct amount of air and fuel for combustion and allow the development of strength. Without these elements, the machine will not work. During the 1980s, was replaced by the automatic fuel injector. However, the carburetor is very common for many small engines, motorcycles and automobiles several high-performance.

It is important to keep the carburetor. This will ensure the operation. If not, then the ability of poor combustion control may have been compromised. Must be able to pass the entrance located on the carburetor to combine with gas and fire engine Water. Here’s a guide to clean the carburetor.

Need a tool



Carburetor Cleaner Spray
Compressed air can
Clean the lint-free cloth
Manual Cars


First, you must remove the carburetor from the ignition. The ideal approach is different depending on the type and age of vehicle. To find the right strategy to eliminate it, it is best to consult a manual car.
Then I removed the carburetor, put all the parts with a clean cloth. A carburetor is made up of many small parts and should stick together. It is important to use a free cloth to no material remains in the carburetor to impede performance. Where the parties are set, sprinkle with carburetor cleaner.
Some of the grooves, small holes and corners of each side of the carburettor. Each part will be checked to ensure they are free of dirt and slime buildup. Check each flange with holes bowl fuel shut-off Valve, etc., and make sure they are clean and free of debris. If not, then you can use a toothpick to remove the bad elements. The same technique can be used to screw slot.
If the small holes, wells and dirty carburetor aerosol valve left, then spray with compressed straw position could be a gap of about 4-5 inches from your face. If the cans are sprayed from close range to the side, then the other deposits that can affect the performance of the carburetor.
After each side is removed, there may be a serious accumulation of finding some that can be easily removed. Use carburetor cleaner, soak the parts in a large accumulation nightlife. A glass vessel which can cause chemicals to be used. After soaking the parts for some time, use a lint-free cloth to clean.
As each piece is cleaned and dried, install and re-install the carburetor car.

More information

Clean the carburetor with proper care. Adequate equipment should be used to clean the carburetor on carefully calibrated for proper fit. Products powered or wire should not be used because it can damage the carburetor.