Do you want security? Strengthen Traffic Safety Training for happiness

In the United States, was arrested in May as the National Transport Month in which people are introduced to the glorious development of transportation technology and travel related matters. It is true that this man, and are enjoying the convenience brought by advanced technology, while at the same time some of the effects go well, such as pollution, traffic congestion, etc. including traffic safety is an important point. As some studies, a large loss of life and disability by automobile accidents. Therefore, training in safety and traffic needs to be strengthened. Schools, businesses, traffic management, etc. should be responsible for making students, employees, the community is clear about the traffic regulations and safety tips.

In recent years, greatly improving the transportation industry. Auto Crow on the road, not a traffic accident that occurred often made of precious lives of many people, and apparently still ongoing tragedy. Let’s look at some statistics to Let:

There are over 6,000,000 car accidents each year in the United States.
A man died in a traffic accident every 12 minutes and each year car crash kills 40,000 people.
The leading cause of death for people between the ages of 2 and 34 years old are motor vehicle accidents.
Speeding is the second most common cause of fatal traffic accidents, which account for about 30% of fatal accidents.
Car accidents are the leading cause of death in children between 2 and 14: About 2,000 children die each year due to injuries from a car accident.


For teachers and parents, nothing is more important than the safety and development of children: for traffic management, road safety and normality is an important task. Traffic safety training benefit a worthwhile goal. The importance of training traffic is clear, but what is equally effective practice?

Some suggestions about traffic rules and safety training:

Invite an expert in this field to provide students, employees and citizens, etc. and practical professional knowledge and tips about traffic safety. Consider choosing the right teacher depending on the characteristics of the listener. Children need a life story that is easy to understand: the dough will require common knowledge, people in the field of transportation professionals who need an explanation.

Two. To provide trainees with different learning materials, such as videos, brochures, photographs, stories, etc. This is the method we use, but still requires some attention to detail. Our aim is to spread knowledge and advice, so clarity is important. Be difficult and tedious is preaching.

Three. You should evaluate the results of the training to ensure a good effect. Motivation comes from the pressure. An attempt to test traffic safety transportation or transported by the manufacturers of the test criteria is to inspire students and employees to pay more attention to training. You can start testing the competition to attract more people to participate in this study traffic management.

To work well with people and traffic safety training of society. In this case, the National Safety Month Transportation should emphasize the importance of traffic on all sides. Life of love, happiness!