Determine the car heater

Modern cars are equipped with all the necessary components that are useful for the driver to carry any kind of weather. For example, there is no air conditioning in the hot case, similar to supervise the driver to drive in a cold climate.

A car heater in the car to stay warm by circulating warm engine with the help of the device, which resembles a small radiator coolant. The main part of the car radiator fan or blower, radiator hoses and heater core are called. Here we discuss ways to improve or fix a car heater.


Make sure the heater hoses are in good condition. Check the different parts of the heater for blockages and damage. If your car had to be opened for summer valves.

Two. If you blow the engine is not running properly, check the fuses, connectors and switches all. On some cars blowing motors have a resistance as the most frequent use of writing and should be replaced. You can use an ohmmeter to check the resistance.

Three. If you look at the fan motor is damaged, replace, and be sure to follow the guidelines given proper service users vehicle. In many cases, you have to drain the coolant and also partially dismantle the dashboard. This is all you need to do in accordance with the instructions in the manual.

April. Heater core is an important part of the heating system. There are several ways to change it. The heater core is typically located in the housing unit, either on the firewall in the engine compartment on the dashboard or ender. If the heater core is in need of replacement, follow the instructions in the manual and change accordingly.

May. Take a little trip in your car to evaluate whether the heater is working or not. The best way is to buy an ice cream and go home. Melted on the way back to the house means that the heater works.

Tips and Advice

The use of gloves and goggles is recommended when working on a car engine or a special radiator.
Do not work on the radiator when the engine is hot, as it can burn your hand as a refrigerant in the need for time to calm down.
Every time you change the heater core should have to change the thermostat as well.
A volt ohmmeter or ohmmeter (VOM) can be used to assess or measure the resistance in the circuit and the amount of tension in each circuit.

To check and change the heating system of the vehicle can be simple for you to follow the above instructions. It is important to identify the key parts of the car to improve performance and results.