Replacing Spark Plug Wire

Ignition process is based on the proper operation of the spark plug. Spark plugs provide the spark that helps ignite the fuel inside the engine. As the name suggests the spark plug wire connected to the spark plug wire, causing the electric spark. You should see the line every day, due to damage the wire causing many problems.

Some suggestions are given below on how you can replace the cable without having to spend too much time.

The only thing you need to replace the spark plug wire new cable box.


Park the car on a flat surface and apply the parking brake as well.

Two. Open the front hood. Find the spark plug wire. Wire commonly found in black, but can be red or blue black orange. The number of spark plug wire depending on the number of cylinders your engine has. This means that the cable and cylinder repairs to one another.

Three. Take the case of the new cable and turn it on. Finding numbers (labeled 1, 2, 3 ….) on the cable. Put them in order of length, if the cable is not labeled.

April. Hold the bottom of the cable at one end and the application of external force or thrown slightly back to the beginning.

May. Guided by a cable at the other end, which is connected to the distributor cap. Pull the wire from the distributor cap and remove.

6. After removing the wire from the spark plug, no damage or contaminants pair of electrodes. If damage is found, it is better to change the plug as well.

7. Most of the cables connected to the space to avoid contact with other parts of the machine or wire. This space is made of small pieces of plastic securely fastened to the cable connector. To ensure the life of the new cable, make sure to put the wire back into space.

8. Replace the old spark plug wire with new wire of the same length or labels. Cable connector makes a clicking sound when holding the plug.

9. Repeat the same process to replace the rest of the thread. Always replace the cable at a time.

Things you should consider

If the cable is permanently attached to the distributor cap, you can change both the cap and the wire at the same time.
Replacement of the wire depends on the condition of the wire. If you need to replace the cable, the cable does not have to change to another.
It is important to run the cable at a time. Do not disconnect the cable at once. Should never be attached to them in the same order in which they appear.